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Impact Review March 2nd 2023

My review of the latest episode of Impact Wrestling

The intro to this week’s impact, is a recap of what happened at No Surrender.

The opening segment sees the Bullet Club (Chris Bey and Ace Austin) come to the ring. We get big Bullet Club chants from the crowd. Are they now calling themselves ABC? Bey and Austin talk about their history in Vegas and in that very arena. They go on to tell us that they are now the very best tag team in Impact because they defeated Time Machine at No Surrender. This is interrupted by the Motor City Machine Guns. They say that they are still the best tag team, not just in Impact, but in the world. Bullet club say that the only reason MCMGs are still the champions is that they haven’t had a fair shot yet. Bullet Club want a title match at Sacrifice! The MCMGs have other plans, and challenges Bullet Club to a match tonight!

Backstage Interview with TDMK Hysterical Shane Haste:

The interview talks about the upcoming joint POV from Impact and NJPW. Haste is making his Impact debut tonight against Mike Bailey.

Backstage Interview with Rich Swann:

Swann talks about his loss at No Surrender, Swann remains focused on the Impact World Championship. The interview gets interrupted by Raj Singh. Swann isn’t in the mood for any games, sends a warning to Raj Singh.

Match 1: Shane Haste Vs Mike Bailey

Bailey showing his athleticism in the match, Haste showing his power. Haste is clearly the more powerful of the 2 men, and it shows a nice mesh of two different wrestling styles. The chops thrown sounded very painful! I have never seen Shane Haste wrestle, but watching this match has made me want to watch more of this matches. Beautiful springboard moonsault from Bailey to the outside. Haste shows some athleticism of his own, an impressive dropkick and Dynamic Bomb which leads to a near fall! Genuinely surprised that didn’t get the win. Nice poisonrana from Bailey! He then hits the Ultima Weapon for the victory! That was a very good match. I wouldn’t mind watching these 2 in another match. Definitely going to have to watch some more of Shane Haste. Grade B+

Backstage with The Design:

Angels wants Deaner to stop Callihan going through the 7 steps after Callihan hit Kon with a chair at No Surrender. Angels thinks that Callihan is trying to infiltrate The Design to destroy them from within. Deaner begins to say there is no point in going into step 6, but they are interrupted by Rhino! Rhino says him and the Design have history, they messed with his head and he isn’t going to stand by and watch them do the same to Callihan. Callihan appears and tells Rhino to shut his mouth, says the design are not manipulating him. Rhino says he will have to knock some sense into Callihan. Deaner says it’s looks like we have step six. Is this some very long term storytelling? Are we going to see the downfall of the Design? I’m so invested in this!

Match 2: Kenny King Vs Kevin Knight

King refuses the handshake. I’m hoping for another highly athletic and high energy match. Amazing showing from Kevin Knight, a flawless looking dropkick and high risk moves. King tries to keep Knight grounded, doesn’t last very long. Knight again goes for the high risk moves, gets caught in the air and hit with a back breaker. There are some nice reversals from both men. King hits the Royal Flush and picks up the victory. Another very enjoyable match. I would like to see these two have a rematch. Grade B+

Backstage Interview with Josh Alexander:

We learn that Alexander is defending his title against Kushida at Multiverse United: Only the Strong Survive. Alexander then challenges Kushida & The Motor City Machine Guns (Time Machine) to a 6-Man Tag Team Match at Sacrifice. Alexander is then interrupted by Steve Maclin who asks that Alexander beats Kushida to hold on to his title, so that Maclin can defeat the longest reigning Impact World Champion.

Recap of the Busted Open Live Segment from No Surrender.

Backstage Segment with Dango, Santino Marella and the Doctor:

The doctor tells Santino and Dango that Tommy Dreamer has suffered minor burns and retinal damage, the doctor is keeping Dreamer home. Bully Ray interrupts and asks if Dreamer will live, because if he does Bully will make sure he doesn’t after this. Bully starts to walk away but gets stopped by Bhupinder. Bully tells Bhupinder that no-one will remember him in 10 years. Bhupinder pushes Bully up against the wall, says Dreamer is a friend and we’ll respected. Security comes to separate the two. Bully slaps Bhupinder and Bhupinder gets held back by security.

In Ring Segment with Mickie James:

Mickie chants from the crowd. Mickie is happy that she retained her title at No Surrender. She acknowledges that she still has unfinished business with Jordynne Grace. Mickie was then interrupted by Gisele Shaw, Jai Vidal and Savannah Evans. Shaw said that Mickie wrestled Masha Slamovich to dodge Jordynne Grace, and now she wants to wrestle Jordynne Grace to dodge her next challenger. Shaw said she knows Mickie can beat Jordynne Grace, as long as she doesn’t get put it a rear brake choke as everyone knows that Mickie tapped out. Gisele thinks that Mickie is dodging her! Mickie reminds Gisele that she already beat her at the Last Rodeo and she can do it again. Gisele tells Mickie that she hasn’t beat this Gisele Shaw. Shaw then tells Mickie that she is next after Jordynne. Mickie wants to know why the wait, is Gisele scared of getting beat again. If Gisele is too scared to challenge Mickie, then Mickie will challenge Gisele. Gail Kim then comes out and makes the match official.

Backstage Segment:

Bryan Myres speaks with Moose. Moose tells Myres that Impact still has a Joe Hendry problem. Myres tells Moose that he has no interest in helping Moose win the Digital Media Championship. Moose tells Myres that he doesn’t want the title, he wants to help Myres win the title and humiliate Joe Hendry.

Backstage Segment:

Jordynne Grace speaks to Santino, asking if Gisele has got a title shot before her. Santino confirms that it will be Mickie vs Gisele for the Knockouts Championship next week. Jordynne wants her rematch at Sacrifice against whoever wins next week. Zicky Dice and Johnny Swinger then come to speak to Santino, Swinger is then given the opportunity to pick his own opponent in his Road to 50.

Match 3: Trey Miguel vs PCO

Power Vs Speed. Trey does not seem too happy to be involved in this match. PCO completely overpowering Trey. Eddie Edwards comes down to the ring and hits PCO with a shovel – the ref calls for the bell. Match ends with a victory for PCO via DQ. After the match, PCO flies out of the ring and hits Edwards, PCO rolls Edwards into the ring and hits a chokeslam. All the security come down to the ring to separate these two. PCO breaks free from the security, climbs the turnbuckle and hits a PCO-sault on the security as Edwards managed to escape. PCO stands tall in the ring holding the shovel. Grade D

Next Week’s announced matches:

Mickie James Vs Gisele Shaw

Rhino Vs Callihan

Jonathan Gresham Vs Kushida

Main Event Match: Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) Vs Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) for the Impact World Tag Team Championship

This should be an amazing match, these two teams are extremely talented. Very quick paced match, plenty of tags including blind tags. Equal amounts of offence from both teams. Some beautiful tag team moves from both teams. Some double teaming behind the refs back. The Motor City Machine Guns doing a brilliant job of keeping Chris Bey away from his partner. Eventually Bey manages to tag in Austin and the pace once again quickens. All four men now involved, we get some high risk moves and so much athleticism. We almost get a repeat of No Surrender – but the backslide only gets a near fall. This match has been that good, I’ve not wanted to take my eyes from it to write things down about it! Bey hits the Art of Finesse followed by Austin hitting The Fold – 1, 2, 3!!! Bullet Club win!!! We have NEW Impact World Tag Team Champions! Absolutely amazing match! I could watch these two teams wrestle forever! Just brilliant. Grade A

This was a great episode of Impact following No Surrender. It has given us a nice set up to the following PPVs, teasing some new rivalries and continuing existing ones. All in all, an enjoyable episode to watch.

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