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Impact Review July 13, 2023

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Well, Jaimie is still confused from The RoundUp. Nathan was too much as usual. So, a special guest writing of Impact Review starts now.

The match starts with Wentz being struck by a running back elbow from Bey in the corner. Bey then climbs to the top rope and attempts a lariat, but Wentz kicks out. Before Bey hits the Code Red for two, Wentz and Bey trade kicks. Ace Austin tries to intervene but is clotheslined by Trey Miguel as he tries to divert Bey. Wentz defeats Bey with a front facelock DDT.

The Rascalz approach Scott D'Amore, who is backstage with Santino Marella, and inquire about whether they will be included in the Slammiversary tag team fight. Marella claimed he witnessed their cheating and will not include them in the contest. He'll regret it, according to Trey.

Bailey enters the match by running the ropes and shoulder tackling Knight. Knight is grounded for a beat by an arm drag, but Knight quickly recovers with a powerful arm drag off the ropes and a powerslam. Knight follows a splash with a cover. Bailey moonsaults Knight to the ground after pump-kicking him out of the ring. Following the break, they exchange offensive moves in the middle of the ring. Bailey follows it in the corner with a boot. Knight kicks out at one as Bailey places his knees on his back. Knight splashes in the corner before dropping Bailey with a dropkick over the top rope and knocking him to the ground. Knight flies out onto him after and follows. Back inside, Bailey strikes Knight with a kick to the ropes before covering him with a big knee drop. After dodging a superkick, Knight delivers one of his own. Knight flips Bailey off the top rope after Bailey attempts the tornado kick. While both men are on their backs, a "this is awesome" chorus starts. They go back to their feet and exchange strikes. Bailey receives a dropkick from Knight, but he swiftly responds with another knee drop. Knight pursues Bailey in the air and successfully executes a superplex. For a cover, Bailey rolls Knight back. For a second nearfall, Knight spinebusters Bailey. Bailey kicks out with a whirlwind after throwing Knight into the turnbuckle. Bailey stands up and scores with Ultimo Weapon.

Some one must have said their name and they appeared. Yuya Umino and Joe Hendry faced off against Sheldon Jean and Kenny King. Now I am not a fan of Kenny King and haven't seen enough of Sheldon Jean to think of him as more than a wannabe Jessie Godderz. However, after a false start Yuya and Sheldon started the match. The match is basics of a heel getting over. There are a few big moves but not many. King ran up the ramp and let Sheldon Jean take the Standing Ovation to for Yuya and Hendry to win.

Cut to Sabian in the back talking trash about Lio Rush. Just typing that name was more than he deserved. I feel sorry for Sabian to be in a program with that quitter.

Moose who is teamed with Brian Myeres faced off against Rich Swann and Samil Callihan. Calihan took the heel tactic of forcing his partner into the match. Swann never seemed to be able to overcome the strength of the Moose. Swann and Callihan hit a DVD 450 combo on Moose. There was a bit of miscommunication during the match between Moose and Myers but that didn't stop them from picking up the win. After a low blow spear combination on Sami Callihan by Moose.

Deonna Purrazzo issues an open challenge after reminding those watching that she is a 3 time Knockout Champion. This was answered by Jody Threat. During the early part of the match Threat is taking it to the champion. After a commercial break it is all Purrazzo. Purrasso wins via the Venis de Milo.

An after the match attack by Savahnnah Evans and Gisel Shaw eventually led to Trinity and Purrazzo standing back to back. Trinity apparently wants to face Purrazzo at her highest this Saturday at Slammiversary.

The show ends on an image of Team Canada jacket and Scott D'Amore saying "PCO can't come back to life can you?"

Jaime will be back next week. Thank you for reading this Special Edition of the Impact Review.


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