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Impact Review 7th April 2023

Match 1: Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) vs TMDK (Shane Haste and Bad Dude Tito).

The bell rings and Haste attacks Shelley on the apron, distracting Sabin who is attacked from behind by Tito. A brawl breaks out between the four men. TMDK thrown to the outside and MCMG’s hit them with crossbodies. The match gets back in the ring. Tito hits Sabin with a standing Blue Thunder Bomb, followed by a running cannonball from Haste. MCMG’S are able to quicken the pace as Shelley tags in Sabin. Sabin hits Haste with a tornado DDT. Haste able to come back, hits a modified back suplex on Sabin. Shelley pushes Tito off the top rope, Sabin dives through the ropes, collides with TMDK on the outside. A huge flurry of offence from everyone in the ring and all men are down. Shelley gets Haste trapped in a Crucifix and Sabin able to use that to cover Haste and picks up the win for his team. A really good match! I like both these teams and they seem to have really good chemistry together. A really well put together match. Grade B-

After the match, Bullet Club (Ace Austin and Chris Bey) are waiting behind the curtain. MCMG’S have a rematch at Rebellion for the Impact Tag Team Championship, the MCMG’S challenge Bullet Club to an Ultimate X Match.

Backstage Segment: Kenny King tells Eddie Edwards that he won’t have his back tonight when Eddie takes on PCO. King suggests that Eddie should get help from the person who ran over PCO in the Vegas desert.

Backstage Segment: Tommy Dreamer tells Scott D’Amore that he was serious when he offered him a spot on his team at Rebellion. D’Amore again declines Tommy’s offer.

Match 2: Mike Bailey vs Jonathan Gresham 3 – Winner challenges for the X-Division Championship at Rebellion.

The tie breaker match between these two men with the added bonus of a title match at Rebellion for the winner. X-Division Champion Trey Miguel on commentary. Gresham hits a dropkick, Bailey comes back with a flurry of kicks. The men collide with running crossbodies and both men are down. They exchange chops and Gresham able to gain control with a springboard moonsault and follows it up with a dive to the floor. Gresham locks in the figure four leg lock which ends with both men taking a tumble to the floor. Trey Miguel gets in their faces. Bailey hits Gresham with a springboard moonsault. Miguel climbs to the top rope and takes out both Bailey and Gresham with a dropkick. The ref calls for the bell and the match ends in a No Contest. A great start to the match. I wasn’t a fan of the no contest ending, but hopefully it will lead to something for both these men. Grade B

Backstage Segment: Callihan tells Deaner that he is ready for step 7 in his initiation to join the Design. Deaner tells Callihan that he needs to eliminate all of the authority in his life.

Backstage Segment: Santino Marella tells Trey Miguel that he will defend the X-Division Championship in a 3-Way Elimination match against Jonathan Gresham and Mike Bailey at Rebellion.

Match 3: Jody Threat vs Tara Rising

The Impact Debut of Jody Threat! We get a shot of backstage during the early going of the match showing Santino Marella has been attacked. Back to the match, Threat hits Rising with multiple running uppercuts in the corner, followed by a series of brutal looking clotheslines. Rising able to counter a powerslam attempt but that seems to fire Threat up. Threat hits Rising with double knees to the back and then connects with the F416 to get the dominant victory. A dominant debut for Jody Threat. Hopefully, she will be able to have some big matches with some big names. Grade C-

Backstage Segment: Dango reveals that it was the Design that attacked Santino. Dango wants a match against the Design and he wants his best friend Joe Hendry as his tag team partner. Santino announces that he will make his in ring return at Rebellion to team with Dango and Hendry against the Design.

Backstage Interview: Gia Miller interviewing Tasha Steelz, interrupted by Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans and Jai Vidal. Shaw tells Steelz that she doesn’t want Steelz meddling in her business. She tells Steelz that Steelz is just bitter because Savannah dropped Steelz to associate with Shaw. Steelz challenges Shaw to a match next week.

Match 4: Bully Ray & The Good Hands vs Tomy Dreamer, Yuya Uemura & Darren McCarty.

Bully illegally knees Dreamer from the apron, allowing Hotch to gain control. Bully tags into the match while Dreamer is down, but Dreamer able to hit Bully with a DDT. Dreamer tags in McCarty, he fights the Good Hands, taking them both down with a double clothesline. McCarty then launches them both over the top rope and Uemura launches himself over the top rope, taking out the Good Hands with a diving crossbody. McCarty calling for Bully to get in the ring with him. Bully instead heads up the ramp. McCarty hits Skyler with a stunner and picks up the victory for his team. Not a bad match, a good showing from the non wrestler McCarty. A set up match for Hardcore War at Rebellion. Grade C-

After the match, the battle lines are drawn for Hardcore War as a brawl erupts. Kenny King, Frankie Kazarian, Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly all come to the ring to join in the brawl. In the end, Dreamer, Uemura, Kazarian and Kelly all stand tall in the ring.

Promo Video: Revisiting the historic Impact World Title reign of Josh Alexander. He relinquishes the title tonight due to his triceps tear.

Backstage Promo: Deonna Purrazzo looks back on the past 18 months of her career. Going from being on top of the world to having nothing. She now has a blank canvas to make history again.

Match 5: Eddie Edwards vs PCO

The bell rings and the fight begins. PCO picks Edwards off the top rope with a Hurricanrana. The match spills to the outside and PCO able to counter a Tiger Driver into a back body drop. PCO continues on the attack and hits a running clothesline. The match gets back in the ring and Edwards is able to hit PCO with a superplex. Both men exchanging chops, PCO drives Edwards over the top rope. PCO dives through the ropes and collides with Edwards on the outside. PCO hits Edwards with a chokeslam. He then hits Edwards with a De-Animator. Edwards pulls the ref into the path of PCO who crushes the ref into the corner. Alisha Edwards comes down to the ring, begging PCO to not hit the PCO-sault on Edwards. While PCO looks at Edwards, Alisha hits PCO in the head with a kendo stick. Edwards able to capitalise, hitting a buckle bomb followed by a Boston Knee Party and picks up the win. An ok match, continuation of the feud between PCO and Edwards. A surprise heel turn from Alisha. Grade C-

After the match, PCO able to sit up and chases Eddie and Alisha out of the Impact Zone.

Matches announced for next week:

- Gisele Shaw vs Tasha Steelz

- Taylor Wilde vs Jessicka

- Callihan & Angels vs Dirty Dango & Joe Hendry

- Kenny King vs Frankie Kazarian – winners team gaining the advantage in Hardcore War at Rebellion.

Plus, we get a final decision on Mickie James status for Rebellion.

It has now been made official for Rebellion. The Coven will defend their Knockouts Tag Team Championship vs The Death Dollz.

In Ring Segment: Josh Alexander relinquishes the Impact World Championship

Scott D’Amore, Steve Maclin and KUSHIDA are in the ring. Josh Alexander comes to the ring with his wife and son. Alexander thanks D’Amore for giving him an opportunity four years ago when he signed his contract. The crowd begin a “best world champ” chant, showing their appreciation. Alexander praises both Maclin and KUSHIDA, but tells them that he will return and take back what is rightfully his. Alexander begins to hand the title over, but his son Jett, grabs the title. Alexander takes the title back from Jett and hands it over to D’Amore. Maclin claims that Alexander fears him and that this injury is just Alexander’s way out. Maclin tries to provoke Alexander by addressing Jett. D’Amore sticks up for Alexander, says that if Maclin really wanted to fight Alexander, then he would have accepted any of Alexander’s open challenges or confronted him face to face when Alexander was healthy. D’Amore hopes that Maclin doesn’t win at Rebellion. He reminds Maclin that KUSHIDA made him tap out at Sacrifice. Maclin claims that it was strategy and tactics. Says that his focus remains him being 10% healthy at Rebellion when the Impact World Championship is on the line. Maclin puts his hands on KUSHIDA and a fight breaks out. KUSHIDA locks in a Hoverboard Lock as Maclin retreats to the outside. KUSHIDA dives over the top rope and collides with Maclin. KUSHIDA stands tall in the ring with the Impact World Championship as Impact goes off the air.

A very good episode of Impact. Some good matches and set ups for Rebellion. An emotional moment with Alexander relinquishing the championship. Impact seems to be getting better and better all the time and I really look forward to watching it every week.


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