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Impact Review 16/3/23

This week's Impact Wrestling Review!

A recap of last week’s Impact

PCO is still in the Vegas desert. He is shouting for Eddie Edwards.

Match 1: Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham Vs Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus)

We know Bailey and Gresham make a good team and Decay are an established team, so this should be a good match. We get chaos pretty much straight away in this match, with Steve biting the hand of Gresham. Bailey tried to make the save, but Taurus throws him out of the ring. Taurus hits Gresham with a big drop kick from the top rope. Crazzy Steve tagged back in and he again bites Gresham, this time it’s the upper arm. Gresham battling out of Decay’s corner. Taurus accidentally hits Steve with a headbutt, which allows Gresham to tag in Bailey. Bailey gets in the quick kicks and a running shooting star but only manages a 2 count. Bailey attempts another kick, but Steve catches his leg, Steve bites Bailey’s toes!!! Steve tags in Taurus who knocks Gresham off the apron, hits Bailey with a backbreaker and a huge pop up Samoan Drop. Gresham breaks up the pin. Steve gets thrown out of the ring by Gresham, Taurus hits Gresham with a headbutt. Taurus attempts ‘Destination Hell Hole’ but Gresham saves Bailey. Gresham hits Taurus with a springboard moonsault and Bailey hits Steve with a moonsault on the outside. Bailey back in the ring, hits Taurus with a kick, then a standing back flip onto the chest of Taurus. Gresham trying to keep Steve out of the ring. Gresham hits Taurus from behind with a big elbow strike, Bailey attempts to pin Taurus but Steve pushes Gresham onto the pin, breaking it up. Steve thrown out of the ring and Gresham follows. Bailey hits Taurus with the Tornado Kick followed by the Ultima Weapon and pins Taurus for the 3! Very unique match, some great offence shown from all men. A really enjoyable match. Grade B.

After the match, Gresham and Bailey show respect by shaking hands.

Backstage Interview: Frankie Kazarian, Rich Swann and Josh Alexander.

Alexander talks about the combined titles reigns between the three men. He says that with how good they are separately, together they should be able to beat teams like Time Machine and Bullet Club. Kaz talks about how long he has known Motor City Machine Guns and how he has already put a dagger in the Bullet Club. Swann starts to talk, but gets interrupted by Steve Maclin. Maclin says that Alexander is only teaming with Swann and Kaz because he has already beaten them and they pose no threat. Says he will see Alexander at Rebellion.

Backstage Interview: Gisele Shaw with Jai Vidal and Savannah Evans.

Gisele claims that Deonna Purrazzo is jealous of her, that’s why Purrazzo cost her the Knockouts Championship. The interview is interrupted by Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice. Swinger is looking for his first win still in his Road to 50. Swinger challenges Jai Vidal, claiming that he can beat him in a minute or less. Zicky takes Swinger to Santino’s office.

Match 2: Steve Maclin Vs Heath

A lockup to start the match, Heath gets in some big offence, but Maclin reverses and is now on the offence. This continues between both men until Maclin is sent to the outside.

Coming back from the break, Maclin is back on the offence but the match gets taken to the outside. Heath gets his head bounced off the steel steps. The match eventually gets back in the ring. Maclin gets a 2 count on Heath. Maclin remains dominant, but the crowd are getting behind Heath. Heath manages to build some momentum, he hits Maclin with a running knee and a big powerslam. Heath gets a 2 count after hitting Maclin with a spinebuster. Heath runs at Maclin but is caught! Maclin puts Heath in the ‘tree of woe’ and hits Heath with a spear. Maclin hits Heath with the KIA and picks up the victory. A very dominant showing from Maclin in the match, happy to see Heath able to get some offence in though. An overall good match. Grade C+

Backstage Segment: The Death Dollz

Rosemary says they are able to deal with Taylor Wilde and put a stop to her playing with magic. Taya says magic is scary and that Jessicka shouldn’t get involved with it. Rosemary and Taya will compete in the match. Taya and Rosemary speak privately, Taya is worried that Jessicka will find out she is Havok if she gets too close to the Coven’s magic. Rosemary says she wouldn’t mind Havok return.

Cinematic Segment: PCO walking through Vegas, shouting for Eddie Edwards.

Backstage Segment: Mike Bailey and Jonathan Gresham

The men agree that they make good tag team partners, but Bailey says he hasn’t forgotten about Gresham defeating him at No Surrender. So Bailey challenges Gresham to a match at Sacrifice. Gresham accepts.

Match 3: Johnny Swinger w/ Zicky Dice Vs Jai Vidal w/ Gisele Shaw and Savannah Evans

Swinger mocks Vidal, he thinks Vidal doesn’t have a wrestling background or wrestling ability. Swinger offers a test of strength to Vidal, but Vidal hits Swinger with a dropkick. Vidal goes on to hit an atomic drop, a delayed slam and an elbow drop. Swinger in the corner and Vidal slaps Swinger. Swinger pulls Vidal into the top turnbuckle. Vidal then blocks Swingers attempt at throwing him into the turnbuckle, and instead Vidal hits Swingers head into the top turnbuckle several times. Swinger falls to the floor and Vidal gets up to the middle rope. Zicky grabs Vidal’s leg, but this is seen by the ref and Zicky is ejected from ringside. While Vidal has his back turned watching Zicky being ejected, Swinger hits a knee to the back and then chokes Vidal on the ropes. Swinger applies the camel clutch, but Savannah Evans drags Vidal out of the ring, resulting in her and Shaw being ejected from ringside also. While Shaw is arguing with the ref, Deonna Purrazzo comes from behind and attacks Shaw! Evan drags Purrazzo off Shaw and throws her to the floor. Security comes out to separate the women. Back in the ring, Vidal hits Swinger with a running boot and pins him for the victory. Surprisingly not a bad match. It did well to further the storyline between Gisele Shaw and Deonna Purrazzo, and to showcase Jai Vidal’s talent. Grade C-

Backstage Segment: The Design

Deaner says that Callihan came to the Design wanting to join. He passed the first 5 steps, but we may not get to step 7 after last week when Callihan lost to Rhino. Callihan interrupts, asks how he is supposed to pass step 6 when the Design screwed him over in the match. Deaner asks Callihan why he is so sure that step 6 was beating Rhino. Callihan asks what step 6 was. Deaner tells Callihan that step 6 was to take his punishment like as man, says that they haven’t forgotten about Callihan costing Kon his victory at No Surrender. Callihan tells Deaner, that if that’s what it takes, then so be it. Deaner tells Callihan he made the right choice.

Cinematic Segment: PCO is still walking through Vegas and shouting for Eddie Edwards, PCO is now stood at Sam’s Town Entrance.

Backstage Segment: Tommy Dreamer & Mickie James

Mickie has found out that Santino has booked her and Dreamer Vs Bully Ray and Masha Slamovich next week. Dreamer requested the match. Mickie asks him if he thinks that’s a good idea, especially having the Busted Open match the following night. Jordynne Grace interrupts and asks Mickie if she thinks it’s a good idea her being involved in that match, the day before facing Grace for the Knockouts Championship. Jordynne tells Mickie that if she isn’t careful, she will end up tapping out again.

In Ring Segment: Eddie Edwards

Eddie says he has had to reassess his life after the dismantling of Honor No More. He says that nothing that happened in the past matters. He is focusing on his future. Says that is what he is trying to do, but he can’t stay focused with PCO stalking him week after week. He says this needs to end, and after last week, it is officially over. He shows footage of the brawl in the desert and PCO getting hit by the car. Eddie says the video shows the death of PCO and the rebirth of Eddie Edwards in Impact. PCO’s thunder hits, and PCO is here! PCO starts making his way down to the ring, but he is hit with a shovel from behind by Kenny King. Eddie comes to join in with the attack on PCO. Eddie and King are motioning that it’s done, but PCO sits up. PCO attempts a double chokeslam on Eddie and King, but Eddie manages to escape. King gets chokeslammed onto the ring apron. PCO attempts another chokeslam on King, but Eddie hits him in the back with a steel chair. PCO punches the chair into the head of Eddie. King is on the ring apron, he superkicks PCO twice. Eddie follows this up with a superkick of his own. Eddie and King throw PCO into the steel steps, and the trap PCO between the step and the ring post. PCO manages to flip the steps off himself and hits Eddie with a clothesline. PCO gets into the ring, but he is met with kicks from King. PCO grabs King and forces him out of the ring. PCO attempts to get Eddie, but Eddie was waiting and hits PCO in the head with a Kendo Stick. King is on the top rope and he takes down PCO. King choking PCO with the Kendo Stick. King then holds a steel chair to the side of PCO’s head and Eddie hits the ‘Boston Knee Party’ onto the chair and head of PCO. King then holds the chair over PCO’s head and Eddie hits it with a Kendo Stick. PCO is laid out on the floor, King and Eddie celebrate.

Backstage Segment: Santino Marella reunites with an old friend

Dango starts to ask Santino if that was…. But Santino cuts him off, says his name has not been liberated yet, so his name cannot be said. Joe Hendry then appears from behind a well. Hendry tells Santino that he wants to invoke a rematch clause on behalf of Brian Myers. Santino makes the match for Sacrifice. Dango tells Hendry that he is a big fan and offers Hendry his assistance. Santino then makes a match for next week. Joe Hendry & Dango Vs Moose & Brian Myers.

Match 4: The Coven Vs The Death Dollz for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship

aya and KiLynn start the match. KiLynn gets on the offence but she gets reversed by Taya and Irish whipped into the corner. Taya runs at KiLynn, but she manages to move out the way. Taya hits KiLynn with a cross body and gets a 2 count. Forearm shots from Taya, and Irish Whips KiLynn into the Death Dollz corner. Taya tags in Rosemary, who hits a suplex on KiLynn. KiLynn manages to tag in Taylor. Taylor is now on the attack, but Rosemary grabs Taylor and bites her head! KiLynn enters the ring to help Taylor, and Taya enters the ring and takes out Taylor. Rosemary and Taya Irish whip both their opponents into the ropes and then clothesline the Coven out of the ring.

Back from the break, KiLynn is beating down Rosemary in the ring. Tag made to Taylor, Taylor Irish Whips Rosemary into the corner and hits Rosemary with running forearms. Taylor attempts this again, bit Rosemary manages to lock in the ‘Upside Down’. Taylor crawls to get the tag to KiLynn, KiLynn manages to stop Rosemary from tagging Taya, but Rosemary manages to kick off KiLynn and gets the tag to Taya. Taya hits KiLynn with kicks and slaps, then hits a Blue Thunder Bomb, but only gets a 2 count. Irish Whip into the corner, followed by a clothesline from Taya, a running hip attack and the double knees to KiLynn, pin attempted but only gets a 2 count. Taya throws KiLynn into ropes, Taya runs, misses KiLynn and instead Taya gets hit by Taylor. Big German Suplex by KiLynn to Taya, goes for a pin but it is broken up by Rosemary. Taylor gets in the ring and is hit with a spear from Rosemary. KiLynn goes for a kick, Rosemary ducks and KiLynn is hit with a forearm from both Rosemary and Taya. Taya sets up KiLynn for the Road to Valhalla, Taylor pulls Rosemary out of the ring and KiLynn reverses into a roll-up and gets a 2 count. Taya runs into an elbow from Taylor, a kick from KiLynn and KiLynn hits a modified Suplex and pins Taya for the 3! The Coven are the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions. That was an amazing match from these 4 women. Nice back and forth on the offence. An overall great match to watch. Grade B+

Matches announced for next week’s Live episode of Impact:

- Deonna Purrazzo vs Savannah Evans

- Moose & Brian Myers vs Joe Hendry & Dango

- The Design vs Time Machine

Main Event: 6 Man Tag Match – Josh Alexander, Rich Swann & Frankie Kazarian vs Bullet Club (Ace Austin, Chris Bey & Kenta)

Kaz and Bey to start, a lock up into a wrist lock and Kaz uses the ropes to flip over to gain the advantage. So far, a very fast paced match from these two. Ace Austin tags in, so does Rich Swann. The action has slowed a little, but plenty of athleticism on show from Austin and Swann. We now get tags in to Alexander and Kenta. It has now gone to more grappling, both men trying to get the better of the other. Big rolling Senton from Alexander. The match has now broken down as all men are involved. But Alexander, Kaz and Swann stand tall in the ring as we go to a break.

After the break, Bey and Swann are the legal men, Bey attempts a pin, but Swann kicks out. Austin tags in. Bey and Austin double team Swann. Austin gets Swann into a submission and he runs the ace card between the webbing of Swann’s fingers! I cringe everytime I see that happen! Paper cuts or cardboard cuts hurt!!! Swann in the Bullet Club corner and Bey tags in. Bey preventing Swann from tagging his partners into the match. Swann thrown back into the Bullet Club corner, into the waiting boots of Kenta and Austin. Kenta gets tagged in, and wears down Swann with kicks. Kenta remains in control of Swann. Swann and Kenta both go down after hitting each other with clotheslines. Swann tags in Kaz and Kenta tags in Bey. Match pace quickens again. Kaz hits a springboard legdrop. Bey and Austin attempt to double team Kaz, but he reverses and hits a double DDT. Kaz tags in Alexander, he catches Bey’s attempt of a hurricanrana and hits a backbreaker. Alexander tags in Swann, Swann hits Bey with a 450 splash, Kaz stops Kenta getting into the ring, but Austin pulls Swann out of the ring. Alexander takes out Austin with a crossbody to the outside. So much action happening on the outside with all 6 men. Kaz hits Bey with a cutter into all the other men. Ref starts a 10 count, gets to 9 and Swann and Bey manage to get back into the ring. The match once again breaks down with all participants trying to hit a big move. Alexander sets up for a C4 Spike but he stops and stares at the entrance. Steve Maclin is stood watching the match. Kenta hits Alexander with a lick while he is distracted. Bey and Austin hit Swann with The Art of Finesse and The Fold, Bey covers Swann and gets the 3 count! Absolutely incredible match! A well placed mixture of styles. Just an awesome match, these men are so talented. Grade A

Overall, a great episode of Impact. We only have one more episode to go before Sacrifice. Hopefully, next week will be an even better show going into the PPV. I’m so excited for Sacrifice!

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