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IMPACT! on AXS TV Review: October 19, 2023

Bound For Glory's go-home performance should signal that everything is prepared to go. Considering that Jamie is on vacation this week, I, Nathan, will be your host.

This week will focus on the final push towards the show, so we can expect a lot of discussion and some straightforward matches that advance the current card. Impact has had success with these in their previous opportunities, so let's hope it continues here. Let's go down to the ring to begin…

Mike Bailey vs. Samuray del Sol

Bailey kicked him to the ground to start the process of figuring things out. Del Sol fights back but is sent to the apron where he dodges a charge that would have knocked Bailey to the ground.

Bailey is struck by an Arabian moonsault, but he recovers quickly enough to launch some kicks back inside. Bailey receives two from the running shooting star press, but del Sol bends backwards to avoid being kicked in the face (Bailey also pauses for a stunning visual in the middle).

They exchange kicks to the face before falling to the ground and getting kicked off on the apron. Del Sol attempts to climb to the top but is pushed back to the ground, setting up a twisting flip dive. Returning, another kick to the head breaks up the Ultimate Weapon, setting up Bailey for a great victory roll for two.

Bailey receives two after a flipping powerslam, then uses the Ultimate Weapon to pin the opponent.

Kenny King vs. Heath

Sheldon King is with Jean here. To begin, Heath pushes him into a corner and strikes a clothesline, setting up a WOO. They fall to the ground, and King is able to put in a right hand because Jean provides a diversion. Heath enters again and hits a cactus clothesline, but he stumbles and favours his ankle. When they return inside, King tries to grab the ankle, but Heath kicks him to the ground.

King enters the scene once more, and Heath hits a clothesline but only receives two kicks to the face. Both of them are knocked out by a double clothesline, and Heath eventually prevails in a slugfest.

Heath gives him a powerslam for two, and King rolls him up for the same with his feet on the ropes. Despite being caught cheating, Heath adds two more goals with a spinebuster. In order to kick Heath in the head, King uses Jean as a decoy.

The Royal Flush puts Heath to rest.

Crazzy Steve vs. Black Taurus

No DQ, thus Steve starts the match by leaving the ring. Following the pursuit, Steve is forced to return inside, where Taurus uses a Codebreaker to launch him outdoors. When we return from our early break, there are many weapons in use, and Taurus has hit two Sling Blades.

Steve spins out into a Canadian Destroyer (which was fantastic) to plant Taurus firmly as he loads up an Alabama Slam.

Backing up, Taurus ploughs into a background, leaps over it, and slams into a stack of chairs. When it's time to eat, Taurus blocks the fork and they retreat inside.

Taurus' throat is rammed by Steve after he snatches the briefcase, setting up Belladonna's Kiss for the pin.

PCO/Rhino vs. Moose/Brian Myers

Myers struggles to counter the power game as Rhino and Myers begin the match. He is thrown into a corner by Rhino, where Moose tags himself in to take on PCO.

Moose prepares to rake PCO's eyes with a shoulder exchange, but PCO opens his vest, allowing Moose to chop him. Rhino repeatedly attempts to force Moose into the buckle, but a cheap shot allows Moose to win.

When we return from our break, Moose had run Rhino over for two. However, Rhino suplexes his way to freedom, and PCO returns to clean house. When everything falls apart, PCO attempts a reverse DDT, but Moose stops the PCOsault. Rhino returns, but Steve Maclin is there to stop the gore.

Bully Ray steps in to cut Maclin off, but this enables PCO to perform a flip-dive on Maclin. Moose comes back in and kicks PCO low, preparing the spear for the pin.

Interview time between Alex Shelley and Josh Alexander

Josh Alexander and Alex Shelley sit down for an interview, which is moderated by Scott D'Amore. Shelley isn't delighted when Alexander receives the first question despite D'Amore's request for civility. Alexander just returned from a six-month vacation, claims Shelley, and he doesn't enjoy him being in the spotlight.

Alexander brings up Shelley's years of coming and going from Impact, but Shelley responds that he created this house and is free to come and go whenever he wants. Alexander believes Shelley is crazy when he says he tried to leave the match. Shelley accuses him of doing so. Alexander believes Shelley is aware of his status as a transitional champion, and Shelley storms off to end the argument.

This was part of Alexander's mind tricks that targeted Shelley's vulnerabilities, and they were successful.

Trinity/Mickie James vs. Gisele Shaw/Savannah Evans

Although James and Trinity are back with the Thesz presses to send them outside, Shaw and Evans (along with Jai Vidal) jump them to start. Before the bell rings, we take a break. When we rejoin the match, Trinity has already droppedkicked Shaw into the corner. Prior to Trinity entering again for a dancing legdrop, James enters to attack in the corner.

However, Evans snatches Trinity from the apron, and they execute a double suplex for two.

Trinity is put in greater danger by some forearms in the corner, but she dives over for the tag as Shaw diverts the referee's attention.

The tag goes through as normal a short while later, but Shaw stops Mickie and cradles her for two. Shaw is knocked to the ground when things go wrong, leaving Evans to be booted into the MickDT for the pin.

That’s it for the week! I shall see you next week!


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