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Impact Coventry - Night 2

Hi all, it's Clint again with my 3rd show of a fantastic graps weekend. Any likes or/and shares are massively appareciated if you enjoy the review.

Josh Alexander Vs Chris Ridgeway

With Alex Shelley injured, the opportunity arose for Chris Ridgeway to make his Impact debut. A technical bout had Josh and Ridgeway trading chops with kicks. Alexander’s boot came off and Ridgeway worked on that foot but the walking weapon came away with the victory.


Harley Hudson Vs Emersyn Jayne

Harley won the ‘Gut check’ earlier in the day to get an Impact contract and what a test she had here against the 'Mother Theresa of workrate'. Both Women kept up with the high standards expected of the Knockouts division. Harley picked up the win in the biggest day of her career so far.


Trey Miguel Vs Leon Slater

The 1st time these 2 have clashed but surely not the last with Leon getting an Impact contract yesterday. Trey showed Leon there is still work to be done as he handed the newcomer a loss.


Jordynne Grace Vs Deonna Purazzo Vs Gisele Shaw

3 mainstays of the Knockouts division clashed here. As a bodybuilder, Grace has a fantastic look and has worked very hard to be in the shape she has. Thick mama pump was the fan favorite here. The 3 traded the advantage until Grace got the win.


Eddie Edwards Vs Rhyno - Street Fight

The former ECW Champion is still quite popular nearly 3 decades into his career. They fought all over the HMV Empire. Rhyno picked up the win over Edwards with a Gore.


Joe Hendry/Grado Vs Moose/Bryan Myers

Both Hendry and Grado have popular entrances which was made even funnier by them wearing each others gear and doing the others entrance. Grado tagged in and squared up to Moose before saying **** that and wanting to tag out. The real Hendry got a “We believe” chant to give Grado confidence.

A dance off ensued mid match which is amusing when a man Moose’s size turns off the serious side briefly. Grado shouted “What” before hitting a stunner at one point. The end came with a Superkick from Myers to Grado after he shouted “I’m sorry, I love you”, Hendry hit a pedigree on Myers before Moose connected with a spear on Joe for the 3 count.


Subculture Vs Eric Young/Rich Swann/Trinity

Trinity seems to have more star power than ever before. A fun contest with a lot of athleticism in this one.  Dani Luna hit Eric Young with an impressive fallaway slam at one point. She’ll be disappointed that Trinity got the pin on her to end the match. Trinity, Swann and Young danced after the contest.


X Division Title

Chris Sabin Vs Frankie Kazarian

A group at ringside chanted for every faction Kazarian has ever been a part of much to his amusement. The crowd was divided with plenty of TNA and X division chants. This one must have gone 20 minutes as Sabin was pushed to the limit. He managed to retain his title before both men had pictures with lucky ringside fans.


The entire roster came out after the match with most of them taking part in a dance off which seemed a theme for the night. Kazarian said this is the best locker room he’s ever been part of. There did seem a great togetherness to end the tour and the letters TNA returning have the company on the rise once again. Let’s see where it can take them in 2024.


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