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How Happy Birthday Texy To Triple H Kickstarted Cathy Kelley's Return

Cathy Kelley has spoken about how the ball got rolling on a conversation about returning: a Happy Birthday text to Triple H!

Speaking on the Out Of Character Podcast, backstage interviewer Cathy Kelley was candid about her time in the company, previous departure, and eventual return to WWE.

Giving more details as to her return, Cathy Kelley told the story of having an interaction with Triple H that led to a conversation with Stephanie McMahon.

Kelley said:

“Like I said, when I left the door was never completely closed, it was wanting to be a part of a specific — either Raw or SmackDown at the time. I had always an open door with both Steph and Hunter, staying in contact the entire time.

''I think it started as me reaching out to Hunter as a happy birthday text.

I was in Alaska with my mom at the time and he started talking about how he was fishing there years ago and how he remembers it fondly, but that turned into him asking me to have a conversation with Steph, which is something that he also asked me when I was leaving.

“I had my mind made up at the time, but I credit them to me coming back. I think that they’re incredible leaders. I loved working with him in NXT. Yeah, it felt like the right time and the right opportunity.

“Steph was really welcoming with listening to what I wanted to do, She offered if I wanted to learn how to do commentary, if I wanted a writer role, and this opportunity opened up right as we were having those conversations.”


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