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Hornswoggle Reveals Back Surgery Means He Can’t Wrestle Much Anymore

Dylan ‘Hornswoggle’ Postl can’t wrestle much anymore due to serious back surgery, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion has revealed.

On a recent edition of the “Oh You Didn’t Know” podcast, Dylan Postl recalled getting hurt during a match at an independent show and the long-term effects. He said,

“In 2021, I took a shot and needed back surgery. Everything went completely numb, dead. I was like, ‘okay, I should probably get this looked at.’ No one wanted to do the surgery on me, because of my stature and my old surgeries.”

Dylan Postl added that he can still bite an ass and do a stunner” but many moves, including his tadpole splash from the top rope, are no longer possible for him.


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