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Historical Shocking Sales of Wrestling Companies

Promotion sales from WCW to the AEW and those between. Take a walk down memory lane as we revisit 5 sales that came as shocks to the industry and fans.

What an opportune time to review sales that have taken place in the wrestling world. As the WWE is potentially on the brink of being sold.Here are five times that a wrestling company has been sold to the shock of many.

1. Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) to the WWE in 2001. ECW was the highest rated show on TNN in August of 1999. However, that did not last long when the WWE wanted to return to the network it had previously called home. While this was not the start of ECW’s financial woes it did compound them with no TV revenue it made paying the bill much harder. Vince McMahon and the WWF even helped keep the doors open previously by subsidizing the company in order to borrow certain talent. One such talent was Rob Van Damn. Once the dust settled on the sale of ECW the asset included the video library, a 1998 Ford Pickup, and $4 in merchendise. The love of ECW does live on as many unofficial reunion shows occur every few years.