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Here Come IMPACT Wrestling NFTs, Launching Soon

IMPACT Wrestling is vaulting into the popular, trendy world of NFT collectibles, including exclusive offerings with Santino Marella and Mickie James.

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are unique digital assets that are not interchangeable. The demand for NFTs is driven by the fact that each NFT is a one-of-a-kind and cannot be exchanged for another NFT or for any other asset in a one-to-one manner.

The first IMPACT NFT will be theGeneral NFT Pass. The Santino Marella NFT will launch in June. There will only be 100 copies of Santino available and each will include access to an exclusive IMPACT Discord channel within the server, a chance to win a personal phone call via Discord from Santino, a community chat with Santino, as well as an exclusive signed photo.

A Mickie James NFT will launch this summer with the same utility as the Santino NFT.

“We are very excited to move into the NFT industry - something we have been studying for quite some time,” said IMPACT Wrestling president, Scott D’Amore. “The NFT opportunities are endless and we are certain that our loyal fans will be thrilled with the IMPACT NFTs.”

Media agency, Rumble Gaming, spearheaded this drop with the help of their partner,      SHOPX. “To ensure the success of this initiative, we are building a community and giving fans the opportunity to interact directly with their favorite wrestlers,” says Adam Ivers, Rumble Gaming’s CEO. “We felt this was an ideal time to help elevate IMPACT into the metaverse and unlock new ways for fans to connect with the brand.”

The NFT market grew dramatically from 2020 to 2021. The trading of NFTs in 2021 increased to more than $17 billion, up by 21,000 percent over 2020’s total of $82 million.

IMPACT will host a Twitter Spaces event to talk about the launch of the IMPACT NFTs. Additional IMPACT NFTs are expected to drop on a regular basis through the end of 2023.


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