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Have FTR Wrestled For The Last Time In AEW?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

There has come a time where we’re on the tail end of our career, okay. I mean, I’m 38 years old.

Few would object if FTR took a break after recently losing the IWGP Tag Team Championships, the AAA Tag Team Championships, and the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championships. And that is precisely what Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood are planning to do, possibly up until the end of their AEW contracts in April, at which point they may have wrestled their final AEW match.

"With that being said, we have asked and been granted the next few months off of television so we can sit back, reflect, decide, let our bodies heal, and figure out what we are going to do for the next few years because whatever we decide to do next will be the absolute last thing we do, period, as far as wrestling."

- Dax Harwood

We certainly hope it's not time for them to hang up their boots, if they decide to however they have had an illustrious career and have cemented themselves as one of the greatest tag teams of all time


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