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Has he Retired? - AEW Collision Review - 23/07/23

The men's Owen Hart Cup Tournament final from last week was marred by controversy when Ricky Starks utilised the ring ropes to assist him win.

In addition to dealing with that issue, AEW scheduled a match between Skye Blue and Taya Valkyrie, two women who have recently seen success in AEW.

All In on August 27 is still more than a month away, but AEW has already begun sowing the seeds for the feuds that will make up the event.

Let's review what transpired in Saturday's Collision episode.

Ricky Starks appeared on stage to start the event with a massive pyro display. He briefly boasted about his victory before CM Punk arrived.

He claimed to not be angry with Ricky and to even be somewhat proud of him. He continued to use heel remarks to gain attention by disparaging the hockey club from New Jersey.

Christian, Luchasaurus, and Darby Allin joined them and offered a tag team match, which was immediately arranged for later in the evening.

This was a strong segment that didn't drag on and established the groundwork for a few future conflicts.

Action Andretti and Darius Martin vs. Bullet Club Gold

Tag team action between Bullet Club Gold and the combination of Andretti and Martin served as the evening's opening encounter.

Martin was quickly taken advantage of by Jay White and Juice Robinson, but he countered their attack with quickness and made the tag to Andretti for a springboard corkscrew crossbody.

While the high-flyers undoubtedly made a lot of spectacular shots, White and Robinson controlled the majority of this match. For an edge, they even had Austin and Colten Gunn present.

This tag team competition was quite typical. It had a predictable pattern and came to a conclusion with Bullet Club Gold winning, just as anyone had all predicted.

Miro vs. Nick Comoroto

Jesus Miro is back! Remember him? I kind of do! Anyway…

Nick Comoroto assaulted Miro on the stage as he was making his entrance, beating him all the way to the ring.

Once they were inside and the bell had rung, Comoroto quickly earned a one-count by hitting a fireman's carry slam.

The Bulgarian Brute regained his balance and delivered a powerful kick before locking in his adaptation of the Camel Clutch to secure the victory.

Although it was brief, this made Miro seem like he was back? Therefore, it was kind of successful.

House of Black vs. Acclaimed (Trios Titles)

This week, Max Caster, Anthony Bowens, and Billy Gunn competed against Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews, and Brody King for the Trios Championships.

Caster was rapping on his way to the ring when Matthews decided he didn't like rap music and kicked him in the face. All six of the men were then involved in the mayhem that ensued.

After taking the lead right away, the HOB kept the pace under control for a considerable amount of time.

As her boys started administering punishment Julia Hart strode around the ring, beaming, was kind of twisted…I liked it!

The Acclaimed made an attempt to respond, but Black knocked them back with one kick, pinning Gunn. This was a somewhat one-sided contest, but it made sense in a certain sense.

Before they went, Black whispered something to Gunn. As a result, Daddy Ass removed his boots and left them in the arena.

Has he retired?

FTR Speak!

Schiavone praises the quality of last week's contest before rapidly focusing on their forthcoming championship defence against MJF & Adam Cole. They have unfinished business with a number of tag teams, but first they get to wrestle MJF and Cole the following week, according to Cash Wheeler.

Fans appreciated hearing their name mentioned.

He claimed to understand that although they currently appreciate them, do they trust MJF? “No!”

When Dax Harwood is given the opportunity to speak, he brings up how his father made him seek a job while other kids' parents gave them money. He was made fun of for needing to get employment. The tag team titles and the competition for those belts appear to be taken as a joke by MJF & Cole. Which has pisses him off.

However, the crowd loves it and begins chanting for the Double Clothesline.

There won't be a dance break the following week, and they'll be kicking someone in the ass.

I like this! Fired up FTR vs the comedy of MJF & Adam Cole (BAY BAY)…this will be interesting!

Skye Blue vs. Taya Valkyrie

Valkyrie has acted as both a heel and a babyface depending on who she is against ever since she debuted in AEW. La Wera Loca was exhibiting a little more of her nasty side this week because she was up against Blue, a pure babyface.

She pushed the 23-year-old and utilised her greater power to put Skye in a corner so she could be attacked. She was brought down by Valkyrie with a shoulder tackle, temporarily stopping her progress.

Both women were on the mat following an exchange of kicks as they continued fighting during the commercial break.

They ended up having a competitive fight that appeared like it might go any way. This could have been a quick match with a clear winner. Although both contestants gave strong performances, only one could win.

Blue came very close to winning, but Valkyrie was able to do so with Road to Valhalla. She took the microphone and delivered a heel promo in which she denigrated New Jersey and challenged Britt Baker.

Christian Cage and Ricky Starks vs. CM Punk and Darby Allin

The tag bout between Allin and Punk and Starks and Cage, which was set up in the opening segment, served as the evening's main event.

This bout has an intriguing dynamic on both sides of the ring because Allin and Starks are babyfaces while Punk and Cage are more of a heel combination.

The match was started by Starks and Punk for their respective teams, and The Second City Saviour nearly hit the GTS right away. Starks was tagged out, so Punk forced his way in and began dragging Cage from corner to corner.

Starks and Cage attempted to work together, but Punk ultimately undermined their joint efforts to keep everything under control.

All four guys had plenty of opportunities to make sure they spent time in the ring with both opponents since they had practically the entire last half-hour of the show to use. Scorpio Sky was also seen monitoring the action while perched in a skybox.

Even while this was a strong performance, there was a noticeable lack of chemistry between the two teams, which is to be expected when two duos who have never worked together before face off. The fact that Starks and Cage did not get along added to the plot they were telling.

As he did in the Owen Hart Cup finals against Punk, Starks used the ropes as leverage to pin Allin and ultimately win the bout.

And that's it! Johnny will see you on Wednesday for AEW Dynimate!


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