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GUNTHER Says He and Roman Reigns Are “Very Far Apart” From One Another Due To Their Historic Titles

GUNTHER weighs in on a possible showdown with Roman Reigns.

The Ring General Gunther, who recently surpassed one year as WWE Intercontinental Champion, spoke about the Tribal Chief during an interview with WrestlingNews.Co. When GUNTHER was asked about a matchup against Roman Reigns he says that it would be interesting but doesn’t see it happening anytime soon due to the historic runs that they are both currently on.

That’s a good question. I think that’s an interesting one down the line too. I think right now we’re very far apart from each other in what we have to do. We’re on different brands. Roman is on this never seen before title reign. I myself, I’m in the midst of making history. So once all that is said and done, we’ll see if that’s gonna happen.

GUNTHER was later asked about his incredible performance in this year’s Royal Rumble matchup, where he entered at number one and ended up being the last competitor eliminated. He says that was a very important night for his career and hopes to continue riding that momentum even though he didn’t win.

In terms of the Royal Rumble, yes. It was a very long struggle being in first and then failing at the end, but just by an inch. At the end overall, I think that was a very important night for me in my career, because I think it was very unexpected. So yeah, I think I rebounded very good from that, and we’ll see what happens at the next Royal Rumble.


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