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Welcome everyone to the first of a double header of reports from me. Were kicking things off with this weeks episode of AEW Collision and were getting straight into it with the dream match.


Match 1 Bryan Danielson vs. Andrade El Idolo

Slow start to this one with neither man wanting to commit and neither taking control. El Idolo attempts a Gory Stretch but Danielson slips out, earning himself a running shoulder. Neither can get much of an advantage so they shake hands instead. Plenty of mutual respect in this one. Danielson pulls him into a bow and arrow but Andrade slips out for a failed Figure Four attempt. Andrade takes him into the corner for the exchange of chops but Danielson slips out and fires off the kicks to the chest. Danielson sends him to the floor and hits the running knee off the apron.

Andrade fights back and dropkicks Bryan off the top to the floor. There’s the moonsault to the floor but Danielson headbutts him off the top. The shotgun dropkick hits Andrade but he gets away from the LeBell Lock attempt. Andrade knocks him down again and tries the double moonsault, only to hit raised knees.

The LeBell Lock is countered into the Figure Four but Danielson gets to the rope before the Figure Eight. Back up and they collide but Danielson hits a kick to the head. The running knee misses and they trade rollups for two each until Danielson finally crucifixes him for the pin.

Here’s your winner: Bryan Danielson

Post-match show of respect between the two guys. This match was good but I expected more. Two of possibly the best wrestlers in the world but to me just felt a bit flat. Id like to see this played back again but with something on the line to give it a bit of meaning. BUT WAIT JUST A SECOND. The lights are out. Hes back. Malakai is in the ring and hits Bryan with the Fade to Black and the lights are out again. Are we heading to a BCC v house of black feud. Im here for it if we are.

Match 2 Skye Blue vs. Hollyhood Haley

If anyone watched wrestlers on Netflix you will be very aware of the talent of Hollyhood Haley. Really great to see her getting an opportunity on Collision. Haley takes Skye down to start and hits a running knee to the back. Blue catches her in the corner and hits a powerbomb. Code Blue finishes Haley.

Skye blue with the win which makes me happy. Still waiting for her to join house of black but with Malakai back could this be a sign? Or am I just wishing too hard. Good to see HollyHood Haley tho. Hopefully we see her again.


Match 3 The Gunns vs. Outrunners

Magnum kicked things off and attempted to get the better of Colton but that didn’t last very long. The Gunns stomped out both guys then threw Floyd into Magnum into the corner. 3:10 To Yuma on Floyd and that’s all for that one.

Heres your winner: The Gunns

Post match the lights go out again. Who is it this time? The  Devil is shown on the screen and then vanishes. Bullet Club Gold look a bit spooked in the ring. Quick Guns up and they are out of here.

Match 4 Jeff Jarrett (w/Karen Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh) vs. ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston in a Memphis Street Fight.


Side note before this one starts. Legendary Memphis wrestling announcer Dave Brown joined the commentary team. Nice touch from AEW for this one. Weapons are scattered all over the ring. This has potential to be great. Remember if Eddie Kingston loses this then Jay Lethal gets a ROH world title shot.. obviously all of the others got involved to start this one off. Low blow to satnum takes him out. They go straight to the weapons and since there was once a concession stand brawl near Memphis, they have a bunch of food, including ketchup, mustard, hotdogs and popcorn. This is crazy. Eddie Kingston squirts Jeff in the eyes with Mustard and KetchupThe brawl heads to the stage where Jay Lethal cutters Kingston off the stage and through a table. As Tony said on commentary. HOLY SMOKES. That was incredible. We take a break and come back with Jarrett doing various moves and attacks to Kingston’s knee. Eddie could be bleeding here but then again it could be ketchup. Who knows with this one. The Figure Four is applied but Kingston turns it over, but Jay Lethal off the top rope breaks it up. Jarrett brings in the guitar and hits the Stroke but only get a 2 count. Lethal and Satnam Singh come in and absolutely laid into Eddie. Jay with the Lethal Injection and Satnam with the chokeslam and Jeff Jarrett gets the pin.

Heres your winner: Jeff Jarrett

This match was crazy. Not sure ive seen so many head shots with weapons in a very long time. Eddie was up against it in this one and the numbers were just too much in the end. Jay Lethal will now get his ROH world title shot.

Match 5 Miro vs. Action Andretti.

Andretti got some brief offense in the opening minute but was flattened by Miro while Perry smiled at ringside. Miro hit a series of short arm clotheslines and threw Andretti to the outside. We come back from a break and Miro has Andretti in a chin lock. Andretti eventually rebounded with some hope spots. Andretti ducked a charging Miro who fell to the outside. Andretti met Miro with a running kick as he attempted to climb back into the ring before diving onto him on the floor.

Miro caught a flying body press and slammed Andretti down. Miro went for his “Game Over” finisher but Andretti rolled out and rolled up Miro for a near fall.

Andretti continued on the offense hitting a spinning DDT, a running dropkick and a 450 splash for several near falls. Andretti went to put Miro up in “Torture Rack” but couldn’t hold him. Miro knocked Andretti down with a kick and locked in “Game Over” for the submission.

Heres your winner: Miro

No real shocks here. This will now continue with the next person who asks CJ Perry for help. Miro is an absolute beast tho. He needs to do this storyline then get back into the title picture.

Eddie Kingston was being attended to backstage. He said that the reason he was making Jay Lethal jump through hoops to get a title shot because he calls a man who’s not his blood “uncle.” He talked about how Lethal used to love wrestling before he associated himself with Jarrett and Dutt. He said Lethal is no longer a wrestler but is Jeff Jarrett’s “little bitch.” He referred to Lethal as Jamar (his real name) and told him not to bring his faction to their match. He also said not to bring his mother and father because his mother will cry. And it will be because deep down, she knows that he deserves beating he will be getting. Cant help but love a passionate Eddie Kingston promo.

Match 6. “FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler vs. Bad Thad Brown and Darian Bengston. The match never really got off to a start as the lights went out again and when they came back on, Malakai Black had returned. The lights again flickered off and when they came back on, he was joined by Brody King and Buddy Murphy. The trio attacked FTR and left them laying. The house of black is all back and I am here for it. I love the house of black. No real sign of who they are targeting tho. Bryan first then FTR. This is going to be interesting.

Match 7. Ricky Starks and Big Bill vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta for the AEW Tag Team Championship.

Yuta and Starks started off as Jim Ross joined the announce team. Chain and mat wrestling to start until Big Bill tagged in. Bill took over on offense as the heels worked Yuta over through the picture-in picture break. Eventually, Yuta attempted the hot tag but Castagnoli was kicked off the apron by Bill after being distracted by Starks. Starks then rammed Castagnoli into the ring steps. Bill and Starks resumed working over Yuta who was finally able to tag in Castagnoli. He cleaned house and hit Starks in the corner with a series of short clotheslines. He threw Starks to the outside and hit both Starks and Bill with running European uppercuts. The show went to its final picture-in-picture break. After the break, Castagnoli is still on the offensive but Starks tagged out to Bill. Bill hits a big boot for a near fall. Yuta tags in and hits Bill with a flying dropkick while Bill is held by Castagnoli. Yuta attempts a German suplex on Bill but can’t get him up. Yuta attempts to fight off both guys but is eventually overcome. Yuta hits an “Angle Slam” on Starks and tags out to Castagnoli. Bill attempts a double chokeslam but fails. BCC are about to hit their Swing and Splash finisher for the win but the House of Black re-emerged and attacked Castagnoli and Yuta while referee Rick Knox was distracted by Malakai Black. Starks hit the spear on Yuta for the win.

Heres your winner: and still AEW tag team

champions Big Bill and Ricky Starks.

After the match, the House of Black stared down Starks and Bill but attacked Yuta. Not sure how much more Yuta can keep taking. Poor guy. Bryan Danielson attempted to make the save but he taken out by the tag champs and house of black. FTR also came out to try to help but the result is the same. Jon Moxley is back! Crowd are hot for this and he has turnt this around. Huge brawl with all men.  After the faces cleared the heels from the ring, Starks came back in and took finishers from all the faces to close the show.

Really enjoyed this show. So great to see the house of black return and im excited to see where this is going. Really good watch. Join me again next week and lets see what the house of black have in store for the Collision roster.


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