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Grayson Waller Talks Working With Shawn Michaels On-Screen In NXT, Wants Rematch With AJ Styles

Grayson Waller is looking forward to his run on the WWE main roster.

Grayson Waller spoke on this topic during a recent interview with Fox Sports, where he also reflected on his time in NXT, which gave him the chance to work with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

Speaking on Shawn Michaels, Grayson Waller says that working with him was a big deal but does wish they got a chance to wrestle each other in the ring.

No one in recent years can say that they were in the ring with Shawn Michaels. Even though it wasn’t in a wrestling capacity, like I wanted, that’s one of the greatest of all time and I was in there. And that doesn’t happen. So that was very big for me.

During his time in NXT, Grayson Waller got to wrestle AJ Styles. He tells Fox Sports that he would love to have a rematch with the Phenomenal One now that he’s on the same brand.

When I was a teenager, AJ Styles was my favourite wrestler. I got the opportunity to see him on a tour in Sydney when I was probably like 14-15. So I was always a big AJ fan. So he was always number one, and the fact that (I) got to do it in NXT (feud with him) was wild. But that night was so important to me – because I feel like I didn’t just hang in there with him. It wasn’t a situation where like, oh, wow, he hung with him. I think I went in there, and I competed against him. And I kind of showed who I was. But I lost. So at the end of the day, I can’t take anything positive from it, because I lost – and that’s something that I’ve thought about a lot. And now he’s gonna be on my talk show this week, you know, Saturday morning on Binge on SmackDown. And I think that’s the biggest name you could possibly get. And I need that rematch, lad. I need that so bad. I hate losing. I hate losing so much. And I hate the fact that he can say he beat me. So I need to change that.

The first main roster episode of The Waller Effect will take place on this Friday’s SmackDown.


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