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Grand Slam Dynamite

Since All Out AEW has been building to this event. Four Championships going to be defended on this card. Plus Sammy Guevara will face Chris Jericho. They have a ramp from entrance to ring. It looks nice that it is a road.

The opening contest was title versus title. I foresee either Eddie Kingston winning or a no contest. The reason for this is that seldom will a promotion's title change hands outside their own ring. These two men also lend themselves to a ground and pound style match. They start by trading chops and punches. Claudio doing a deadlift gut wrench on an injured leg was impressive. The move on someone the size of Kingston is impressive period. During the commercial break Castagnoli toyed with a prone Eddie Kingston by lightly tapping him with his boot. Much of Claudio Castagnoli's offense has been focused on the injured arm that Eddie Kingston suffered during the G1. Kingston started to pull the old school no sell fire up but it was ended by Castagnoli smashing Kingston with a harder boot. Kingston would then take some control of the match. Kingston reversed the Rikola bomb with a 'rana. That took me by surprise. Northern Lights bomb almost put Castagnoli away. Surprise but also foreseen at the same time Eddie Kingston won. Eddie Kingston has made history as the first person to wear the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship and the RoH World Championship simultaneously.

A stupid vignette of Roderick Strong in the hospital aired. It is a nice bit of story telling but it is still comical. Both the Kingdom and Adam Cole left Roderick Strong in the hospital by himself to leave for Grand Slam. It also sounded like drums may have been getting played off camera.

This is a first time ever singles bout between the two men. Sammy Guevara comes out with a big time entrance. He was sung out to the ring and had a light up vest on. Sammy's ring attire is an homage to Jericho's attire the first time he face HBK. This match also started by the two participants trading shots. Sammy Guevara got the better end of the exchange. Jericho went for a springboard drop kick but missed and went over the ropes. Guavara followed that up by a 450 corkscrew dive to the outside. Floyd is in the corner. This foreshadows at least a contemplation of using the bat. During a break, Jericho raked Sammy's eyes while on the outside. When the show returned there is a few spots while Sammy is chopping that you can see Jericho telling Sammy things to do. Also known as calling spots. Guevara hit a code breaker on Chris Jericho for a near fall. Sammy did a moonsault to the floor from the top rope. However, Sammy came up clutching his knee. Sammy and Jericho missed a spot where Jericho was doing a springboard shortly after that. Sammy obviously missed a kick. Jericho would get Sammy in the Walls of Jericho. Guevara does not tap. Sammy did a cutter from both men standing on the top rope. That got him a two count. Sammy had to tell Aubrey to move so he could attempt a lionsault. Jericho blocks. Jericho then connects with a lionsault. Jericho countered a shooting star press with a Judas Effect for the win. Very nice match by both men. They hug after the match. Unfortunately, Sammy ends the hug with a low blow. Don Callis then walks out. I disagree with moving Sammy Guevara from one faction to another. Let the man stand along and be known as more than just a faction member.

Rey Fenix is given 20 minutes to defeat Jon Moxley in an attempt to become the AEW International Champion. Fenix does not wait for the bell to ring. He takes the fight to Mox on the ramp. Fenix dives over a camera man in order to hit Jon Moxley with a dive. Fenix rolled and jumped right into a forearm from Mox. Rey Fenix playing dirty by biting Jon Moxley. Underhook DDT to Fenix looked very damaging. A King Kong Lariat sends Fenix wrapping around Mox's arm. A death rider while picture in picture is happening almost puts Rey Fenix away. Jon Moxley plants a curb stomp to Rey Fenix while on the ramp. That is followed up by a delayed piledriver. Two count. Fenix was able to recover and pull off a piledriver. Rick Knox stopped the count for nothing it appeared. Rey Fenix then hits another piledriver for the win. Rey Fenix really needed this title win. Death triangle needs something to elevate them. Jon Moxley and Orange Cassidy both did not need that title.

Toni Storms entrance was killer. Saraya and Ruby coming out together. Toni wants a hug but Saraya gives her a slap to the face. Toni Strom looked like she was going to cry until the second slap. Then Toni started laying it into her. Toni beats Ruby Soho with some shoes. After cheating Toni Storm almost becomes a three time Women's Champion. Toni removed the bottom turnbuckle and held up the spray paint. Ruby takes the spray paint and passes it to Saraya who uses it. Saraya hesitates then ultimately does not use the exposed turnbuckle. Toni counters a kick by catching the boot. She kisses Saraya before a storm zero for a near count. Saraya escapes a hip attack. Saraya retains her title. Some really good story telling in this match. Both ladies showed love and respect for their opponent. Maybe the Outcasts can comeback together.

After preview all of the upcoming matches, Samoa Joe is shown walking from the back. Flanked by security guards. He does not shove one into the wall like he did MJF.

MJF comes out to a Bret Hart style entrance video before his music hits. His tron is also altered to match the Mets. There is a 60 min time limit, yet, there is 20 min left in the show. Tony Schiavone did say that they will stick with the match after TV time. Slow start. A feeling out process one might say. That is until MJF pokes Joe in the eyes. Samoa Joe is focusing on MJF's neck. Joe went for his big boot combo. MJF sidestepped and kicked but his boot was caught. MJF poked Joe in the eyes. Max counters a Muscle Buster by sliding out into a pin. Joe disrespects MJF by teaing his shirt then wipping it on his crotch. This fires Friedman up. MJF signals and hits a Kangaroo Kick before dropping down in pain. Joe administers a Death Valley Driver on the apron. That garners him a two count. Joe with a piledriver to the exposed floor. MJF went as stiff as a board. Dr. Sampson sarted to attempt to check MJF out. A two count when Joe throws MJF into the ring. MJF attempted to use the Dynamite Diamond Ring but Paul Turner stopped it. Joe took this as opportune time to low blow MJF and deliver a Muscle Buster. MJF would kick out at two. Adam Cole then runs down to the ring to encourage his brochacho. MJF using tape chokes out Samoa Joe to retain.

One amazing night. Match of the night is a tie between the men's and the women's world championship.


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