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The show started by looking back at the Acclaimed having been beaten down last week.

When looking at this pairing, I would like to see Jon Moxley against Hook. This match is obviously a build to the International Championship match this Saturday. Orange Cassidy and Hook start the match early by meeting Mox and Yuta in the crowd. Hook and Yuta are the two to make it to the ring to start the match. Wheeler Yuta tries for the early victory by pinning Hook after a body slam. Hook is able to take control and delivers several suplexes. Hook locks Red Rum on Mox but Yuta pulls Hook out by the leg. Orange Cassidy by then has recovered and entered the fray. Orange starts the Yes Kicks which Mox just eats. Wheeler Yuta and Mox did what looked like a Heart Attack from the Hart Foundation. Mox puts Orange Cassidy on the top rope and scapes his back before biting him. Two of the most unhygienic actions. Mox hit Hook with a cutter out of no where. Then Orange Cassidy hits Mox with a Orange Punch that did not phase Mox. Yuta then saved Mox from another Red Rum. Wheeler Yuta wins the match with seatbelt pin.

A face-to-face between Hangman and Swerve occurred. If either touched the other then they would both be suspended and not match at Full Gear. Tony Schiavone left the ring after Adam Page took the mic. The gist of Hangman's promo is that Swerve Strickland is stupid and Nana is using him for money to get weed. Best line is Hangman said he would steal Nana's weed. Hangman then starts to beat up Prince Nana because he wasn't told he couldn't attack him. Page also delivered a Buckshot Lariat to a security personnel.

The Kingdom has a backstage segment where they accused MJF of being the Devil. This was done on the phone to Adam who blew it off.

The two ladies stand across the ring from each other and just start each other down before locking up. The Scooby Doo gear does not go with the new Skye Blue. Lots of technical wrestling to start the match out. Red Velvet is showing some basics with arm drags. Skye was able to block one. Skye Blue delivered a nice DDT on the apron. Red Velvet was in the ropes when it was executed. Skye Blue had control for a good 3-4 minutes while those watching on US cable endured a picture in picture commercial break. The ladies did several pin reversal into pins for one counts. Velvet did a kazsadora from the top. Skye Blue wins and will face off against Julia Hart and Kris Statlander this Saturday.

Samoa Joe participated in a squash match. His opponent is Jon Cruz aka Serpentico. Joe wins with a rear naked choke.

Early prediction for this match is the Young Buck will win. Not going to have them lose going into Full Gear. Which the Young Bucks will be on every PPV that AEW has ever had after this Saturday. Lots of misses on elbow drops and other grounded opponents. Both teams then shake hands. The Young Bucks do the heel move and super kick their opponents after that. Penta assists Komander by slinging him with the rope to propel him into a cross body. Matt Jackson slows the match down with some holds on Komander. Matt delivers a running bulldog to Komander for a two count. Penta comes in and takes out his opponents before giving Matt a Made in Japan for Nick to break it up at two. Komander runs the ropes for a shooting star press he is able to land on his feet. Matt Jackson then does his rolling Northern Lights suplex. Meltzer driver is reversed sending Matt into Nick. Penta gives Nick a Fear Factor. Komander did a Code Red to Nick Jackson by running on the ropes and jumping off the back of Matt Jackson. Matt and Penta then trade blows. Nick Jackson delivers two low blows to his opponetns and a Judas Effect getting boos. The Young Bucks then deliver a BTE Trigger for the win. Great match overall. It was nice to see how the Young Bucks and Penta could change up there matches.

In a match that lasted less than a min, Gunn Club defeats Peter Avalon and Jacobi.

Lets cross our fingers that this sponsored match is better than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre match. Konosuke is wearing a eye patch. Jericho is wearing a black suit. Kota and Kenny come out together. Paul Wight choke slammed Fletcher off the stage. Then the former Big Show walks to the back. Kota and Brian Cage are squaring off in the ring. Omega and Ibushii then start double teaming Kanosuke Takeashita. Omega and Kenny cross streams. Ibushii a little slower than Omega. Hobbs and Paul Wight are breifly shown outside the arena. Lots of weapons being used. Ibushii went to the tope of hte ramp and grabbed a bicycle which he rode around the ring hitting Konsuke and Fletcher before Cage knocked him down. Hobbs is seen outside scoop slamming Paul Wight onto a car. Konosuke in the ring is using the bicycle to take out his opponents. Jericho and Konesuke have made their way to the concession area. Konosuke delivers a massive DDT to Jericho on some seatsin the VIP Club. Kenny Omega throws a blue pallet into the ring. Brain Cage is settin up two tables at ringside. Double Suplex by Cage and Fletcher to Kenny Omega on the pallet. Omega kicks Fletcher before Flethcer could break a bottle over his head. Kenny then smashes it in Fletchers face. Back to Jericho and Konesuke. Konesuke jumps off some refigerators into a fire extingusher. He then received a Judas Effect from Jericho. Hobbs is back inside the ring and delivers a World's Strongest Slam to Omega. Jericho also re-enters the ringside area. He grabs a chair and enters the ring. Hobbs and Jericho both have chiars and bang them together. They drop the chairs and trade blows until Hobbs hits Jericho with a spine buster. Ibushii seems to have disappeared as Fletcher and Cage are double teaming Omega. In the ring Jericho delivers a Code Breaker to Hobbs before Cage attacks him. Kyle Fletcher has found Ibushii. Fletcher Tombstone Piledrivers Ibushii into a sign propped up by steel chairs. Both men suffered in that. Inside the ring V-Trigger by Omega to Hobbs. Jericho and Omega then tape Hobbs to the top rope. Jericho makes sure to tape his mouth shut. Ibushii is back on his feet and handing chairs to Kenny. Discus larriat to Omega. Omega delivers a One Winged Angel to Brain Cage for the victory. Nice match with lots happening.

MJF comes out and does not have any of his belts on. He starts by saying he cant outrun his past. He opened up to the Acclaimed and Cole and got hurt. He is sorry they got hurt. MJF said he was afraid he will let the fans down. Chants of "he's our scumbag" erupt. MJF promised hell to pay for the person who stole his mask. Bullet Club's music hits and enter Jay White. White cuts a promo in a very musical cadence. Jay White finished his promo with two words "Get Him" and Bullet Club Gold attacked. 3:10 to Yuma followed by a Blade Runner. I prefer the Bullet Club Gold standing over MJF with the world title in Jay White's hand as the ending to Full Gear. However, it was the ending for tonight.


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