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FRIDAY THE 13TH may be looming, but IMPACT Wrestling has been LUCKY to have a loyal fan base

Despite being dealt a lot of bad breaks over the course of its 20-year existence, IMPACT Wrestling has been fortunate to have some famously faithful fans

As IMPACT Wrestling prepares for its Hard to Kill event on Friday the 13th, the promotion continues to chug along against so many odds. In many ways, it's almost symbolic that this event is being held on such an unlucky day. IMPACT has long been one of the most snakebitten companies in the professional wrestling industry.

In the course of their 20+ years in existence, this former challenger to WWE has often run into a brick wall - and usually at the worst possible time. IMPACT has certainly had a tumultuous history. From changes in ownership and philosophy to being bounced around on different TV networks, they've still somehow managed to survive.

It's easy to say that they aren't the most prominent company in the world, or that they don't air on the largest network. Their growth has been stunted since their days as featured programming on Spike TV.

But IMPACT Wrestling has one thing going for it, above all other promotions. No one else has more LOYAL fans.

The audience has ridden the storm with the 'Little Company That Could'. Through all the ups and downs over the course of two decades, their dedicated followers have maintained a never-say-die attitude. This was amidst all the times that their favorite wrestling company had been pronounced dead. The reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated many times, but it hasn't fazed their fans.

They've been ridiculed by loyalists of WWE, AEW, or New Japan, who have tried to shame them on social media. The average IMPACT aficionado is often told they have bad taste in wrestling. Yet, they remain undaunted and fiercely loyal. They've also banded together to form something of a family.

For its part, IMPACT Wrestling is probably the most fan-friendly promotion out there, and they do a lot of charitable and community events. So the relationship with its spectators is strong, and it's been a mutually beneficial partnership. In some ways, they are both orphans who have found one another, all amongst a sea of online animosity.

You don't have to be in love with IMPACT to at least respect that

While other companies have fairweather fans, they have faithful followers. And their ability to seemingly make it through any situation makes them even more endearing. Even more importantly, the unique relationship the promotion has with its loyal fanbase is very special.

So, while this company has had more than its fair share of broken mirrors and bad breaks, they have the good fortune of having a captive audience.

Everyone should be so lucky.

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