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Friday Night Smackdown From London, England Review 30/06/2023

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your Friday Night Smackdown from London England Review. So let's get into it.

Smackdown as it opens shows a picture In Memory Of Darren "Droz" Draozdov 1969 - 2023 - we send our condolences to his family.

Match 1 is for the Undisputed Tag Team Titles Kevin Owen & Sami Zayn v Pretty Deadly

The match starts with Sami Zayn and Kit Wilson, they lock up with Sami getting the upper hand with locks but Kit then turns it on Sami, Kit goes into the ropes and Sami hits him with an arm drag, Sami is on the ropes and Elton hits him with a cheap shot from the apron, Elton gets tagged in and hits Sami off the announce table, We then go on a break.

After the break Kit is attacking back in the ring, he holds Sami in a headlock to stop him but Elton is tagged in and stops him till Sami flips Elton over and tags in Kevin Owen, Kevin goes on the rampage and takes out both Pretty Deadly with heavy hits in and out the ring, Kevin gets Elton back in the ring and hits a cannonball in the corner then hits a swantom from the top rope, he pins but Kit stops it, Pretty Deadly attack Kevin's left leg as he appears to have injured it, they hit a couple of there double team moves and get the two count twice, Kevin gets the tag to Sami and Sami hits his signature but gets the two, Elton swaps with Kit to trick Sami as Kit comes in and rolls Sami up. as Sami went to hit the helluva kick Kevin hits the stunner on Elton then Sami hits the helluva kick and gets the pin.

Official winners and STILL your Undisputed Tag Title Champions are Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Official Thoughts - Was a great match to start with crowed was behind the match and both teams gave their all.

We see a clip from earlier today of Adam Pearce away to get interviewed as the Brawling Brutes come in and ask where Solo Sikoa is and Ridge Holland asks for a fight with Solo but Adam Pearce says no and announces Ridge Holland V Austin Theory and if Ridge wins he is in contention for the US Title.

Match 2 - Austin Theory V Ridge Holland

The match starts with both men locking up and Ridge getting the upper hand on Theory with hard hits with his knees, Theory tried to hir Ridge but he had it covered, Theory starts to get back in the match but gets some heavy hits in, and Ridge gets back on top after shouting fight night and started hitting Theory, Theory slides out the ring and makes sure he attacks Ridge using the ropes, he then Theory jumps in through the top and middle rope and does a forward roll and hits a massive dropkick for the pin.

Official Winner - Austin Theory

Austin Theory attacks Ridge after he won until Sheamus came out to help, as Sheamus goes to hit the brought kick Theory ducks it and escapes the ring.

Official thoughts - I thought the match was an okay match, would have been good if Ridge got the win in my opinion to give him a shot at the US Title.

We Get a video package of where The Bloodline started to fall apart to build up for The Bloodline Civil War Match tomorrow night.

Match 3 - Bayley V Shotzi - If Bayley losses Shotzi will replace her in The Money In The Bank Match

The match starts with Bayley getting the upper hand until Shotzi hits a running knee, Bayley leaves the ring and Shotzi goes diving out the ring and hits Iyo Sky, Bayley runs back in the ring and hits a Bayley to belly and gets a two cover, Shotzi hits a DDT and stays on the offence with some big hits, when Shotzi pins Bayley, Iyo Sky puts Bayley's foot on the rope, Shotzi is interacting with Iyo Sky as Bayley racks Shotzies eyes then hits her finisher for the pin.

Official Winner - Bayley stays in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Official Thoughts - I thought it was a rushed match and that there could have been a lot more from the match and more people getting involved.

We get a video package from Money Night Raw when Logan Paul announced he was in The Money In The Bank Ladder Match

We get a backstage segment of Bayley and Iyo Sky talking and Shotzi coming in saying she is not finished with Bayley and attacks both Bayley and Iyo Sky but it's too much for her and Bayley and Iyo Sky supplex Shotzi on the table and attacks her as Bayley cuts Shotzi hair and calls her a freak before they both leave.

It's now time for the Grayson Waller Effect with special guest Logan Paul.

Grayson Waller and Logan Paul start talking about Money In The Bank and Logan talks about winning the briefcase and casing in on Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns or maybe just hit LA Knight, La Knight comes out and talks about how the odds are better for LA Knight, then Santos Escobar comes out, he goes on about saying he needs it and both members of LOW will win both briefcases, Butch then comes running out and goes straight after Logan Paul and Santos Escobar goes after LA Knight, we then go on a break.

Match 4 is a Triple Threat Match - LA Knight v Butch V Santos Escobar

It started during the break and we see Butch and Escobar in the ring both hitting the same moves, LA Knight comes in and takes both men out, Butch gets the upper hand for a very short period till LA Knight hit a big move and gets a two pin, Escobar comes in and takes out both men hitting high flying moves, Escobar gets a two count till LA Knight breaks it up, LA Knight hits a big elbow drop for the two count. LA Knight then heads out of the ring to comfort Logan Paul and as LA Knight turns round he moves out of the way and Escobar hits a dive out the ring onto Logan Paul, then Escobar hits a high knee on LA Knight, Escobar heads to the top rope and as he comes off the rope Butch hight him with a right hand then hits the bitter end to get the pin

Official Result - Butch wins by pinfall

Butch then gets a ladder and sets it up in the ring before LA Knight stops him and throws him out of the ring, LA Knight then goes climbing up and Logan Paul stops him and throws him into the ring post, Logan starts to climb and Butch stops him and Butch climbs up and takes the briefcase off.

Official thoughts - I thought it was a really good back and forth match, all men showed what they can do and I am surprised but glad butch won.

We get a backstage promo from AJ Styles.

Match 5 - WWE Woman's Championship Match Asuka V Charlotte Flair

Bianca is in the crowd with a ticket after being banned from Ringside.

The match starts with both women dodging each other's moves, Charlotte gets the upper hand with some big moves and hits a couple of pins but Asuka was under the ropes and then only got a two count. other's, Charlotte hits a big boot but Asuka hits a backstabber, we then go for a break.

Charlotte goes to the top rope but Asuka moves and Charlotte lands on her feet before doing a moonsault as Asuka gets her knees up, Asuka went for the arm bar bit rolls Charlotte up for a two count, Charlotte then hits a spear and gets a two count, Asuka rolls out the ring and Charlotte goes to the top rope and hits the moonsault to the outside of the ring, they go in front of Bianca and Charlotte hits some chops before going to break the count, Charlotte comes back out the ring and goes to hit the big boot and Asuka moves and Charlotte hits Bianca, Asuka hits a kick to Charlotte's head then Charlotte plants Askua on the apron, Asuka rolls out the ring as Charlotte rolls in and Bianca comes over the barrier and attacks Asuka.

Bianca clears the announce table as Charlotte leaves the ring and Charlotte confronts Bianca, Bianca hits Charlotte for Charlotte to hit her back, Charlotte runs to Bianca but Bianca moves and Charlotte goes into the ring stairs, Bianca goes back to Asuka and hits the KOD on the announce table. Bianca hits a KOD to Charlotte on to Asuka on the Announce table.

Roman Reigns heads to the ring with Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman for the start of the Civil War.

Roman start by telling London to Acknowledge him, he goes on about how he has let the USOS come out and say they are the ones but Roman says he's the one and he is the only one who cares about the USOS and loves them and giving them opportunity after opportunity, the crowd chant Roman Sucks but Roman says I will tell you what sucks family who betrays you, Roman says he will give his cousins more chances but they need to come out bow to him and acknowledge him.

The USOS come and Jimmy says he thinks cousin has this thing twisted and that they are not trying to get back in The Bloodline and that they are past the acknowledge stage and what happens if Roman losses, Jey says that Roman was last pinned three years ago and they will pin him tomorrow and when he losses he will be the only one out and none of them want to be the trible chief, They say that there is one person who gets their vote to be trible chief but he's tripping and they look at Solo, Roman starts laughing and suddenly stops as Solo looks at him, he turns to The USOS and says to shut there mouth coming to speak to me like that. Jey goes on the apron and Roman says Jey is nothing without him, Jey pushes Roman and Jimmy hits the supperkick to Roman Jimmy and Solo start brawling and Jey and Roman go at it in the ring before security comes in, Roman hits a superman punch on Jey before going out the ring and attacking all the security, Jey is up and dives out the ring and takes out The Bloodline to end the show.

Three of the security was Progress Wrestlings very own Leon Slater, Man Like Dereiss who is also Wrestle Carnival Championand Tate Mayfairs. Another security member was RP Davies who is TNT Ignition Champion

I thought this was a good way to end the show it got the crowd hyped up for Money In The Bank Tomorrow night.

Dark Match after Smackdown finished on TV

AJ Styles V Karion

Official Winner - AJ Styles


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