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Frankie Kazarians DREAM Ultimate X Matchup Revealed!!

Nathan had time to sit down with the man himself! Find out who Frankie picked in his DREAM Ultimate X Match!

Chris Sabin

Amazing Red

Trey Miguel

AND.... Kurt Angle

What an absolute BANGER this match would be!

Kurt Angle Moonsaulting from the top of the X, Trey Miguel flying round like an absolute mad man and then Frankie going over of course!!

Check the video here:

When all is said and done this would be a Main event calibre matchup in ANY promotion around the world.

We look forward to seeing what Frankie has in store for us in his current run with Impact Wrestling and we hope to see him on our screens each and every week!

Real Rasslin would like to thank IMPACT Wrestling for the opportunity to join them in their live broadcast and look forward to many more in the future!!

Now off to Manchester to see a very special guest... Oh. They're IMPACT too!!


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