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Frankie Kazarian Signs With Impact!

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

The Door To AEW is Always Open.

During Impact Wrestling's Hard to Kill, Frankie Kazarian made a statement announcing that he had agreed to a long-term contract with the organisation.

Kazarian said in the promo, he had to choose between being complacent and hanging out with "people he thought were his friends" or pushing himself, and he decided to push himself. Backstage at the PPV, it was reported that Kazarian essentially told the truth about what transpired.

According to what is known, Kazarian requested AEW's release following his more than 40-minute match with Josh Alexander, and it was granted. According to reports, the reason for the split was that Kazarian wanted to push himself further as he neared the end of his career and felt that, given the size of AEW's roster, he would have less chance to do so in Impact. Instead, he wanted to push himself further.

We are told Kazarian "did business the right way" and would be welcomed back into their locker room anytime, but going forward, he's with Impact.



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