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Former WWE Star Billy Jack Haynes Arrested Following His Wife's Death

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

William Albert Haynes III better known to wrestling fans as Billy Jack Haynes was arrested this past Thursday after his wife was found dead in the family home.

KOIN Channel 6 first reported on an uncooperative standoff "a former wrestler" had with police after a shooting at 6000 SE 100th Avenue in Portland, Oregon. Police were called to that residence shortly before 10am local time following reports of gunfire, with a two hour standoff then taking place before the man was taken into custody.

The suspect was identified as William Albert Haynes III, aka Billy Jack Haynes. After entering the property, the body of Jack Haynes' wife, 85-year-old Janette Becraft, was found, with a local medical examiner confirming the cause of death as homicide by gunshot wound.

The Portland Police Bureau has since released a statement, noting Jack Haynes is currently in a local hospital, where he's receiving treatment for an issue unrelated to the homicide.

"The suspect in the Thursday Lents Neighborhood homicide investigation is identified as William Albert Haynes, Jr, 70, of Portland. Haynes is Janette Becraft’s husband.

He is in police custody at a local hospital while he is being treated for a medical condition unrelated to the homicide or his contact with law enforcement. Once he is released from the hospital, which may be days from now, he is expected to be booked into jail. Haynes’ charges will be released once he is booked.

Additional updates will be made via news release as appropriate to the investigation."

Having trained in Stu Hart's Dungeon, William Albert Haynes III made a name for himself as Billy Jack Haynes across the Pacific Northwest throughout the early 1980s. His most notable run came when he signed with the then World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1986, spending two years with the market leader, including a rivalry with Hercules Hernandez which saw the two face off at WrestleMania III. Jack Haynes would later work a few shows for Herb Abrams' doomed UWF, work for WCW under a mask as Black Blood, and formally retire in 1996.

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