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Former TNA Champ Alex Shelley Addresses Scott D'Amore's Dismissal

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TNA Wrestling locker room is still reeling from the firing of former president Scott D'Amore. The reasoning behind the move is still murky, though Scott D'Amore was seemingly fired for trying to get a bigger budget for TNA from parent company Anthem Sports and then outright trying to buy the company when it was clear he was being let go. 

On "Busted Open Radio," TNA Wrestling World Champion Alex Shelley commented on the surprising departure.

"When we were told about Scott D'Amore leaving the company because I've become sort of an elder statesman in TNA, a lot of people came to me and they were very upset, and understandably so," Alex Shelley said. 

He called Scott D'Amore's departure "traumatic" as he feels Scott D'Amore was a central figure of TNA and Impact Wrestling for so long, but that it is unfortunately he's become used to getting his heart broken. "This is maybe the sixth or seventh time in pro wrestling I've seen the booker ... upended, taken out of that position."

Alex Shelley says that in situations like the one between TNA and Scott D'Amore, new leadership coming into the company will also mean turnover. With that seemingly not being the case, Alex Shelley has been reminding his younger TNA comrades that Scott D'Amore may have stewarded TNA to the success it's currently experiencing, but it was the hard work of the locker room that carried the promotion.

"Try to remember that this is your legacy too," Alex Shelley explained to the locker room. "As I've gotten older, I've realized that nobody is successful by themselves ... but at the same time, don't diminish what you did. Everybody in that locker room ... they were the ones that brought TNA back into it. So Scott's gone, that happened, we move forward and we deal with this."

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