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For the Love of Progress - Chapter 152 - Recap - We Love Lana

Progress Wrestling this evening was held out of the BEC Arena as the opener to the Manchester based convention of “For The Love of Wrestling”. With a dedicated and rabbit fan base giving us some phenomenal chants and classic Progress audience comedy, this evening’s show was scheduled for 8 matches… or was it?

Match 1 – Rob Drake vs Brady Phillips

A strong solid match to start the evening for both Progress debutant’s, with trash talk and hard hitting both knew how to get the crowd ready to go for the evening ahead.

With Rob Drake making the pin, both are set to make sure the Progress fan base know who they are.

Match 2 – Luke Jacobs vs JJ Webb

Have you still got your keys? What about your wallet? With JJ Webb about, you may need to check! Both fighters gave the crowd their all, with a Luke Jacobs making sure JJ Webb kept his hands to his self by out powering Webb and making sure his shoulder stay down for the 3 count.

We knew something went missing! Has anyone seen our keys?

Match 3 – Dani Luna vs Raven Creed

Does anyone else get worried when they see Raven Creed or is it just me?

This match had it all, giving the crowd a fantastic uplift and the story for what Lana Austin has done to Raven, both parties brought the story telling within a match to very letter. Raven managed to pick up the win by keeping Dani down, however mutual respect was shown between competitors with Dani stating that “I know you can do it, so go a f***ing do it!” referencing Raven taking on Lana for the title she holds.

Match 4 – Dan Moloney vs Robbie X

Well, what a send-off for Dan Moloney this was! Before the man heads off to Japan, both competitors put on in my opinion was the match of the night. The speed was brough by Robbie, however Dan matched it with his power. Both kept the crowd chanting through out and when Dan pinned Robbie the level of respect between them you could see meant a lot to either of them.

Once Dan helped Robbie up, an embrace to close the match was the fitting end and perfect send off for Dan.

Match 5 – Rhio vs Skye Smitson (With Lana Austin & LA Taylor)

Legally due to Nathan putting a new clause within all our contracts, I must legally state that Lana Austin is a fantastic human being and wrestler…

Anyway, after a failed “Lana Austin Experience” party, Rhio crashed the celebration to “discuss” how it could have been done better… mainly by taking the fight to Skye and having Millie McKenzie came out to even out the numbers. With a 3 count in Skye’s future, Rhio pinned and made sure that the party didn’t restart.

Match 6 – Millie McKenzie vs LA Taylor (W/Lana Austin & Skye Smitson)

As we all know, when Millie fights… she brings it! Both competitors made sure that the crowd knew who they were before Millie pinned LA Taylor for what was a rather quick match.

Have cracks started to show between the Lana Austin Experience?

Match 7 – Gene Munny vs Tate Mayfairs

When Tate Mayfairs comes out to the ring, you know you are in for “Greatness”. He had a surprise come his way when Warren Banks was not able to compete so the one and only Gene Munny stepped up!

Between these two competitors, you could not separate who was coming out on top until Tate caught Gene off guard and pinned him for the 1...2...3 before hurrying backstage, as the man does not get paid by the hour but by the match!

Match 8 – Man Like DeReiss vs Ricky Knight Jr (Progress Atlas Title Match)

Who answered Ricky Knight Jr open challenge? None other that Man Like DeReiss! Coming out rapping his own entrance before taking it to Ricky. However, Ricky does what Ricky does best and shows the audience and the rest of the Progress Locker room why he is the Atlas Champion.

DeReiss comes unstuck and Ricky picks up the win before walking into the back with the swagger only the Atlas champion can have.

Match 9 (YES 9!) – Dominatus vs Sanity & Sunshine Machine

What a main event! Everyone knows an 8-man tag is always going to be chaotic but good God, how the ref kept their head on the swivel I do not know!

Sanity & Sunshine Machine dominated Dominatus, isolating them in their corner and cutting off their making the tags before catching Sanity’s Axel Tischer forcing him outside the ring and taking the momentum back into their corner before covering and showing the Progress Locker room why Dominatus are not to be toyed with!

Overall tonight’s show was a fantastic opener for a weekend of wrestling, the Progress team make sure to always send the crowd home happy and with Simon Miller hosting, who wouldn’t go home happy!


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