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FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE! TNT Ignitions Woman Championship REVEAL

This Saturday 16th September 2023 a NEW Woman's champion is crowned!

At TNT Ignition's show Aftershock, Liverpool's own Harley Hudson takes on the LanaOke Queen Lana Austin!

The tournament for this NEW Women's championship has been a tough fought and long road for both woman, but THIS Saturday all that hard work will pay off!

Real Rasslin has the greatest of honours to reveal the first look of this beautiful championship which show cases amazing oval shaped gold side plates with a centre plate representing the true TNT Ignition brand!

This leather backed championship is a true masterpiece which both women are eager to get their hands on.

Check out TNT's Ignition show Aftershock, this Saturday 16th September 2023 for the results and if you are in the area, you can purchase tickets still, just here.


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