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First Dynamite of the New Year

The show opened with Samoa Joe cutting a promo about how he predicted his win. MJF embarrassed him but he returned it 1000 fold. Joe then tried to show he was the new big bad in AEW. Not sure if these are the Exclusive Comments or not.

I am not upset about the reveal of the Devil. Granted I have had time for it to settle in since Saturday. I would love to have had it as Jack Perry. The biggest issue with this group is that Wardlow is stuck in yet another group when it looked like not too long ago he was about to break out on his own.

Starts the promo with the why no sympathy for me boulderdash. Then says MJF deserved it. That MJF would have did the same to him. MJF needed Adam Cole. Sets up Wardlow just being the grunt/bitch of the group. The official group name is the Undisputed Kingdom. Jay White comes out. Could they be setting up a Bullet Club Gold against the Undisputed Kingdom feud. They do need something for Blood and Guts this year.

Going into promos rather than matches is a nice change of pace. I do know that Tony Khan had said they will be more sports based and listen to the fans on how to move forward. Is that part of this we will have to wait and see.

Orange Cassidy has some weird matches. This is nice because he isn't set with the same opponent each week. Orange grounding Dante Martin is interesting. Orange taking the offense rather than getting beat up. Fans are aggravating. A guy dressed as the American Dream gets chants. Is this commentary on the match? Granted it isn't the type of match that made me like either of these individuals. The multiple reverse of a vertical suplex into the slumdog millionaire stunner was a nice series. Dante Martin playing the Orange Cassidy slow moves mind games. That was a nice heel move by the young man. When the match picked up speed it allowed for Dante to show some of what he is known for before he received the DDT. A near fall by Dante Martin. Orange Cassidy will have a long reign again. None of these defenses will be interesting but will be good. Freshly Squeezed gets another stale win.

Private Party is back. That is interesting to bring them back in this segment. MarQuin is right when he says that the tag division has been missing something. The issue here is this was not a tag match. If anything it alluded to a potential trios match.

Is anyone else getting vibes of Tori Wilson with Mariah May? Queen Aminata will lose. This match doesn't seem to hold my attention. I know that this is part of storytelling; I am not disinterested in the story. I just like competitive matches. Orange Cassidy against Dante Martin was competitive although you knew the outcome. Mariah May has control of the match for the greatest majority. Aminata mounted a small comeback with a loud slap. May stopped it with a slingblade followed up by a May Day for the win.

Deonna Purrazzo makes her surprise debut tonight. Tony Khan did say he was going to focus on female wrestlers. Purrazzo is a former talent for both WWE and Impact. While in Impact I had the pleasure of witnessing first hand her hardcore match against Mickie James. This can be a massive for the division if they don't shit the bed like they did with Saraya.

Nick Wayne's mom is annoying. Trying to use being a mother as an excuse. That is like using the excuse that it is okay for a dog to shit on the floor because it is a dog. Biggest take away for this segment is they are still teasing Killswitch turning on The Patriarch Christian Cage. I feel like this group has fizzled. It also doesn't help that there is another "family" group in AEW.

Konosuke starts off showing his power. This is why he would be called the Alpha. Darby is back to his speed game. Something I feel like he has been needing to do. High back body drop looked good. Darby really sold that. That high knee while Darby Allin was flying out of the ring at top speed was amazing. The timing to get that right without real injury is special. Rolling German Suplex down the ramp was innovative. Takeshita eating Darby's blows just makes Darby look spent. This is storytelling with moves rather than just words. Darby and Orange Cassidy have very similar looking stunners. The back and forth of this match is exhilarating. While the smart mark style fan would assume Darby Allin is the winner just from paper, Konosuke gives a plausible defeat for Darby Allin. Konosuke did defeat Kenny Omega at Wembley. Code Red by Darby gets a near fall. However, it looked like Don passed Takeshita something although it doesn't look like he kept ahold of anything. Massive Avalanche German Suplex off the top. Konosuke Takeshita wins. I am shocked. Perfect ending because if that did not put Allin away it would have been a waste. Finishers ending matches off one needs to come back.

Number 1 contender for the Continental Crown has the potential for a banger. Trent Beretta amazing. Brain Cage amazing power house who can do lucha. Vikingo spectacular luchador. Bryan Keith showing some promise. Trent and Keith are given the early moments of the match to show off their skills. Vikingo would replace Beretta to give people the high flying action everyone wants. Cage would then show his power agaisnt Vikingo. Lots of switching out between who is the two competitors in the match. Nice trunks Brain Cage is wearing. They are Sega inspired maybe with some Street Fighter. Cage would catch both Keith and Vikingo before slamming them down. He is looking great. It would be a shame if he does not win. Although whomever wins will lose to Eddie Kingston. that is just how it goes. For style either Brain Cage or Trent Beretta would be the best winners. Bryan Keith would only be a good winner if we don't want to make the others just look like a jobber. The Danhausen curse gets Brain Cage a duo of thrust kicks. Close fall by Keith. Giving Trent Beretta the win is nice. He is a good one to put people over. He has also been booked strongly in the past. We will see how this goes Saturday on Collision.

Ten minutes for the match. That is a shame. Daniel Garcia deserves more time. Well that would be the case if they didn't have another 5 min run over. Early quick pin attempts. As Taz put it both men "had a good exchange." Garcia slapping Swerve's ass is a nice thing to anger Strickland. The dance off between Nana and Garcia was gold. However, it just showed as a distraction for Garcia allowing Swerve time to recover and gain the advantage. To borrow from Michael Cole vintage Swerve with the Death Valley Driver onto the apron. Swerve punctuated some rolling uppercuts by mocking Garcia with his dance. Garcia then takes control and stomps a mud hole into Swerve. Saito suplex by Garcia for a nearfall. Swerve tries to pick a fight with Daddy Magic but that allows Garcia to get the jump on Strickland. Scorpion Deathlock on the commentary table but the two men fall off. Chants of "You Fucked Up!" Swerve would eventually recover enough to deliver a house call. Swerve would then do the Swerve Stomps for a two count. Swerve would in after another House Call. Great match.

Hangman is picking up his feud with Swerve. Not too disappointed as no one really has any story to tell with Samoa Joe right now.

Most of this card was meh for me. However, it had gems like Swerve against Garcia. The debut of Deonna Puruzza and return of Private Party.


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