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Finale Dynamite before WrestleDream

Shortly before Dynamite went on air, Tony Khan announced that Rey Fenix will defend the International Championship in an open challenge.

Rey Fenix jumps starts the match and takes out both Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. Rey is on top of the match tonight, but numbers are against him. Fenix suffered a beat down during the commerical break. When AEW Dynamite returned Fenix was going a slower pace but still hitting his high flying maneuvers. Rey Fenix retains with a small package.

Renee Paquette was in the ring with Don Callis and Takshita when Dynamite returned. Don then calls out Sammy Guevara. The video used during Sammy's entrance reminded me of Scarface. Once Sammy got to the ring he embraces Don Callis. Don then had a video played where they beat Kota Ibushi up. When Sammy Guevara starts to talk the fans decided to chant "Fuck You, Sammy!" Guevara cuts the typical kept down by a mentor heel promo. While it would have been nice to see a match between at least two of the participants in the trios match, that will take place at WrestleDream, it was at least good story telling.

Wheeler and Yuta had a backstage segment. It was taped after the Texas Death Match from Collision. Yuta challenged Starks to a match this Sunday. Which Tony Khan made official.

Triple threat of Claudio against Brian Cage and Nick Jackson. Brain Cage quickly throws Nick out of the ring. This left Claudio and Cage to slug it out in a match of two powerful men. Nick does come back in with some of his luchador inspired moves. Excalibur notes that this is Nick's 4th singles match in all of AEW. Claudio shoves Nick off the top rope into Brian Cage's arms for a delayed vertical suplex. The precision and strength needed to pull that off is mesmerizing. Claudio Castagnoli and Brain Cage start going at it again. Nick finds an opening to deliver a 450 splash on to a downed Brain Cage. Cage kicks out at a two. Brain Cage was able to deliver his outside to the inside suplex from the second rope. Nick Jackson wins the match. He will face Rey Fenix next week for the International Championship. This does give away any match outcomes if Rey Fenix ends up with a match at Wrestledream.

Adam Cole and MJF came out to address the crowd. Adam Cole is still on crutches. He even sits down for the promo. Cole Broke his ankle in three spots. Says he has to get surgery and will need to relinquish his the RoH Tag Team Titles. MJF does not allow that. He says that he will continue to defend them solo. The Kingdom comes out with Roderick Strong calling Adam. Cole leaves with The Kingdom. Bullet Club Gold then comes out. The Jay White and MJF exchange is just sub par.

The sit down started with JR saying times are changing Christian is the recognized champ. Jim then asks how Christian thinks he can win having lost previous one on one matches. Christian Cage continues with the cheap shots of dead loved ones. Darby says he will do it by himself and if Christian has the balls he will also do it alone. Not a bad promo. I just worry about the overall match. Darby has went public that he will be gone most of the next three months to train for climbing Mount Everest. That makes it feel like Christian will easily retain. Afterall the TNT title is a workhorse title.

Matt tries to end the match fast as Orange Cassidy and Austin Gun are on the outside. Orange and Matt both pull off some fast paced action. Austin Gunn mock Penta. He does a weird walk then guns up in imitation of Penta removing his glove. The camera seems to just bounce between each competitor getting a move or pose in. All four men eventually go down and get up at the seven count. Matt Jackson is the one who takes control. Matt eventually pins all three men at once. A super kick party starts. First down was Austin Gun. Then Orange Cassidy. Penta super kicks Matt. Matt rebounds off the rope and both he and Penta go for a super Kick. Matt gets the better of the super kick. Orange delivers an Orange Punch to Matt for the victory.

Willow comes out with a bandage over her eye. I like the continuity. I wonder if this will be a way for Willow to turn heel. Her attire is already different. Willow easily overpowers Julia during the match. Hart is able to turn the tide twice during picture in picture. Willow attempts a cannonball but Julia pulls herself up. Julia does a moonsault press for the win off the opening Willow Nightingale gave by missing the cannonball.

Production issues have riddled this show. Audio sounding very robotic and then also going black.

For me, this is the worst way to end a Dynamite. I just hate contract signings. Everyone knows that there will be a fight. Trash talkin' by the heel. Adam Page says that Swerve has lit a fire under him. Page says for a year and a half he had a little black cloud over his head. Could that be a very veiled comment about CM Punk? He mentions he weathered the storm and he is still here. Swerve says that Hangman's promo was pathetic. Renne Paquette looks a little bored. Rene then telegraphed the fight by getting out of the ring,

MJF seems to have had Jay White beaten up. Nice Cliff Hanger.

Not as good a build as AEW has done in the past. It did not to make me want to buy the PPV.



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