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Eric Bischoff Wonders How AEW Will Present Sting’s Retirement Match, Jokes That It Should Be Against

Eric Bischoff has weighed in on Sting’s upcoming retirement at AEW Revolution 2024.

The Hall of Famer spoke about The Icon Sting during a recent signing with K&S WrestleFest. When Eric Bischoff was asked who he would like to see Sting face in his final outing he joked that it should be Ric Flair.

“Ric Flair [smiles] I don’t know if that’s gonna happen, but that’s what I’d like to see. You didn’t ask me if who I think it would be. You asked me who I’d like to see. I’d like to see [Sting face] Ric Flair.”

Eric Bischoff later suggested Chris Jericho since he and Sting have never had a proper one on one match. He later discusses the logistics of the retirement, stating that AEW could present it as a dream match or they could incorporate it into a bigger storyline.

“I don’t know. Chris Jericho? I don’t think they’ve ever had a match, and there’s history there. That’d be kind of cool. I’m sure there would be a great story with Darby Allin, right? So it depends on what you’re going for and how you want to present it. Do you want to present it as part of an angle or a storyline, or do you want to present it just as a celebration, acknowledging everything that Sting’s done, which is what I suspect that they’ll do, and it’ll be more of a dream match kind of format or presentation, which, there’s nothing wrong with that, in my opinion in this case.”

When the subject of Sting remaining with AEW after the match came up Eric Bischoff says it is a possibility.

“Oh yeah….Could he [stay with AEW]? Probably if he wanted to, but I don’t think think he needs the money, and I don’t think he needs the money, and I think he’s physically got to the point, and just at his age, much like I am, I say I don’t want to be away from home.”


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