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EPW 7/17/23 His Fight is Our Fight Review

This month's EPW show returned to the Southern Oaks Recreational Center in OKC. The commentator for the night was Tyler Cordingly (@tylercordingly on Twitter). He did his best of a Joey Styles commentary. The night was a benefit show for a young man who at age 6 is battling Cancer. A goFundme has also been set up to help his parents with the expense of the battle.

The night started our by all of the wrestlers circling the ring each giving a high five or fist bump to young Omar as they passed him. Malachi the Savior of Suffering even presented Omar with a shirt signed by the roster. Commissioner Christopher Samuel D. addressed the crowd. He told them how tonight was for Omar. That "His Fight is Our Fight". That we are a wrestling community to support not only the wrestlers but the fans also.

Sweetcakes made his return that night. He was somewhere in the Pink of Mexico. Sweetcakes fired up the crowd. Told them he would not allow the show to begin until they cheered for it to start.

Once the crowd was nice and hot, the opening contest was a triple threat. Advertised as Tyler Watts v Duncan Kincade v Anthony WIld. Tyler Watts entered carrying two blue dog collars chained together. Anthony Wild is out next. He is carrying two titles. One is from Wrestling Against Hunger, neither was announced so I don't recall the name. Last to enter was Duncan Kincade flanked by Bud Barnes and Scott Sanders. Duncan grabs a mic, he says that "he has been really angry" and that is why he threatened to break every bone in Tyler Watts Body. He has since calmed down. Maybe The Stone Wolf Duncan Kincade visited EPW sponsor House of Dank who knows. The important part is that Duncan does not feel like breaking every bone in Tyler's body tonight and will let the Baddest Man in Oklahoma do it instead. Bud Barnes is now the third man in this triple threat. Tyler's two competitor now individually have about 300lbs on him. If the Widow Maker Tyler Watts doesn't want to become pancake he needs to be careful. The bell rings and the three men go for a test of strength. Bud Barnes wins that minigame. Bud would easily kick Tyler Watts out of the ring. This left the two men of equal size to face off in the middle of the ring. Barnes and Wild lock up the two brahma bull sized men push and shove at each other until Bud Barnes pushes Anthony Wild into the corner. Once in the corner WIld is on the receiving end of a massive chop. Tyler Watts decides this is his time to strike at Bud Barnes and does a series of shots culminating in a few headbutts. This does not phase the Baddest Man as he easily absorbed the blow and throws Tyler on top of Anthony Wild in the corner. Bud Barnes then runs and splashes the two men. Bud then pins the pancaked Tyler Watts. Anthony Wild stops the count saving his potential victory in the match. This created a temporary alliance between Anthony Wild and Tyler Watts. Those two men started to double team Bud Barnes. This would be part of a series of changing alliances by Anthony Wild with Tyler Watts always on the wrong end of the break up. Seems to be his thing as Duncan Kincade broke up with with Tyler Watts when Sinister Vanity disbanded. Bud Barnes starts to focus on the bigger of his two opponents Anthony WIld. Just like the Little Engine That Could, Tyler Watts is back up and fighting again with a series of shoulder blocks to Bud Barnes. Bud Barnes easily dispatched with Tyler once again and returns his focus to Anthony Wild. The Baddest Man knocks Anthony Wild down onto the second rope. Barnes then gingerly runs across the ring and does some Bronco Busters to Wild while he is strewn across the middle rope. Maybe Bud is paying homage to X-Pac whose birthday was last week. Bud then turns his attention to the outside where Tyler is catching his breath. Tyler Watts and Bud Barnes start to brawl on the outside. As Tyler rolls in Anthony starts to trade blows with Bud on the outside. A hard punch to Anthony Wild's massive gut doubles him over long enough for Bud to smash him with a chair. A fan cries out that all he can see is the jiggling of the two mammoth men on the outside. Barnes then returns to the ring and delivers what looks like it should be a End of Days to Tyler Watts, but he does not execute it as well as Baron Corbin. The Baddest Man in Oklahoma Bud Barnes wins the match. Anthony Wild and Tyler Watts help each other stumble out.

The next match is set for one fall and is a singles match. Entering first is Jean Claude from Paris, France not to be confused with Jean Claude van Dam. This one has more melanin than the famous movie star. Jean Claude enters waving a French Flag and the crowd erupts in chants of USA. Those chants would make Hacksaw proud. The ring announcer did not say Jean Claude's name to his liking so Jean Claude make the ring announcer pronounce his name and change weight to kilograms. His opponent is Kevin Sanchez. Poor Kevin is already fighting the heat just coming to the ring. It was a steamy 95 Fahrenheit outside that night and with over a hundred people in the gymnasium the A/C was really fighting to keep it cool. Kevin is starting out with some strong punches. Is he drawing strength from the USA chants the crowd is still chanting? Jean Claude slows Kevin's momentum by poking him in the eyes. Jean Clause then takes Kevin down with a single leg tackle. Jean Clause locks a leg bar on Kevin's braced knee. Kevin is able to grab the ropes to break the legal hold. Jean Claude holds on for an additional three count. The two men get up and start to exchange blows. Kevin then whips Jean Claude into the ropes and delivers a spine buster onto Jean Claude. Kevin cannot capitalize on the move for a pin because of his damaged knee. The two men get back to their feet around the same time. Jean Claude delivers a European Uppercut, Russian Leg Sweep combo to Kevin Sanchez. Jean Claude goes for the pin Un Deux kick out. Well the ref didn't use French just me for the article. Jean Claude tells the ref he needs to count faster, he was not being fair. Once Jean Claude is done arguing with the ref, he starts choking Kevin on the middle rope. Un (1), Deux (2), Trios (1), Quatre (4), Jean Claude breaks the choke. Kevin then gets whipped into the corner. Jean Claude splashes Kevin. Jean Claude backs into the opposite corner for another splash. Kevin easily steps out of the way. DDT to Jean Claude. Kevin pins Jean Claude for the win.

The following tag match is set for a single fall. Saints of Pro Wrestling is represented by the Sander's Brothers. Their opponents one from the House of Dank, Mr. House of Dank and the other from the Pink side of Mexico Sweetcakes. There was lots of dancing and playing around as Mr. House of Dank appears to be cut from the same cloth as Sweetcakes. Once the tomfoolery ended Sweetcakes goes behind, but alas there is more playfulness as Sweetcakes starts to hump Shawn Sanders. Sweetcakes goes to the outside to dance. Maybe he would have gone for a cigarette if he did that in a different setting who knows. Shawn tries to return to some serious action as all the dancing is annoying the twins. Sweetcakes would rather dance instead of do a test of strength with Shawn. Smart move as Sweetcakes would most definitely lose. Sweetcakes finishes his little dance and then tags Mr. House of Dank in. Mr. House of Dank asks for Shawn to shake his hand. Shawn refuses by tagging in Scott. Scott and his opponent start to circle each other. Scott Sanders quickly circles back to his side of the ring. Showing off the experience of being a tag team specialist. Dank then tags Sweetcakes. Sweetcakes and Scott go face to face. Sweetcakes starts to dance again but it is cut off as Scott delivers a massive right hand. Scott then starts to undo Sweetcakes mask. Sweetcakes counters that with a jawbreaker. This does not stun Scott Sanders for long, what does throw him off his guard is Sweetcakes grabbing his groin. Sweetcakes then rushes back to his corner to tag Mr. House of Dank back in. As he enters he does a Fargo Strut. Dank then runs at Scott Sanders and is given a massive boot to the face. Scott then tags in Shawn. The two then split Mr. House of Danks legs forcibly. Shawn then scraps his boot against Mr. House of Dank's masked face. While doing it he is telling Omar that it is his fault Mr. House of Dank is getting this punishment. Omar had refused to "Too Sweet" Shawn earlier. Mr. Dank got up the two men tag their partners in. Sweetcakes is then easily dispatched with backbody drop urinagi combo. Mr. House of Dank does nothing to stop the pin. After the three count The Sanders Brothers and Mr. House of Dank start to attack Sweetcakes. Mr. House of Dank pulls of his mask to reveal it has been Duncan Kincade all along. Almost the full power of Saints of Pro Wrestling is now bearing down on Sweetcakes. Tyler Watts comes out for the save welding the dog collars again. The ref and Tyler Watts have to drag the lifeless body of Sweetcakes from the ring.

Montego Seeka against Frankie Lee followed that. Guy Sterling joined Tyler for commentary on this match as he the manager of Montego Seeka. Seeka is dressed in an orange jumpsuit like he just escaped a prison. I wonder if he beat Sherrif Shultz to escape. Seeka leaved the ring as soon as the bell rings. This man must be paid by the minute as this is standard actions for Seeka. Montego Seeka returns to the ring before the ten count. Seeka and Frankie Lee tie up. Seeka pushes Frankie into the corner. Before breaking Seeka seemingly groped Frankie Lee's pec. That grope must have been feeling for a place to chop because that is what Frankie Lee received from Seeka. This fired Frankie Lee up and the two men exchanged some quick action which was punctuated by Frankie landing a drop kick on Montego Seeka. Frankie Lee would kip up. Montego would roll to the outside; Guy would leave the commentary table in order to counsel Montego on what to do next. Frankie attempts to suplex Montego Seeka back into the ring, but Seeka blocks it. Then drops Frankie's neck across the top rope. The fans start to chant for Frankie in an attempt to rally him. This angers Guy. Seeka gets in the ring and pokes Frankie Lee in the eye followed by a big boot. Seeka pins him for a two count. Montego ever the crafty veteran transitions into a camel clutch. Frankie almost escapes the camel clutch but Montego Seeka turns it into a rear chin lock. This is some quality technical chain wrestling from Montego Seeka. Frankie Lee eventually escapes. Montego Seeka delivers a massive double chop that reverberates in the Southern Oaks Recreation Center. Montego is able to hang Frankie Lee in the ropes and deliver a massive Donkey Punch Forearm. Seeka is pandering to the crowd which allows Frankie Lee time to recover. Frankie delivers a series of blows to Seeka backing him into the corner. Frankie would follow that up with the move of the night a splash. Frankie delivers a back body drop then pins Montego for a near fall. Frankie calls for Montego to get up. Frankie Lee sets Montego Seeka up for a Rainmaker but is blocked. Montego turned the ripcord into a pump handle slam. Frankie gets up again. The two men exchange blows with Frankie Lee getting the upper hand. Frankie tries again for the ripcord lariat. Montego Seeka escapes it again nothing can keep him locked up. Seeka rebounds off the rope with a cutter. Seeka pins Frankie Lee for the win.

The semi-main event is for the EPW Heaveyweight Championship. The reigning and defending champion "Spotlight" Logan Knight against the Chickasaw Wolf Nashoba. This match was set up because as reported on Twitter (@EmpProWrestling) Nashoba barged into the offices and demanded a title shot. Big boy moved from a rookie competitor. Nashoba jumps the bell and attempts to strike the Spotlight with his ceremonial walking stick. Luckily Logan escaped. Martin the ref asks Nashoba what he is doing by trying to attack with a weapon. Nashoba says "I am trying to win." Martin is able to wrangle the waling stick from Nashoba. Logan Knight then powers Nashoba into the corner to deliver chops. Chops tied with Splashes for the move of the night as they seem to have been seen in almost every match. Logan Knight locks Nashoba in a headlock to bring Nashoba out of the corner. Nashoba reverses that into a hammerlock. Logan breaks out of that and barrels towards the ropes. Nashoba follows him towards the ropes but Logan pulls them down. Nashoba takes a tumbles to the floor. Luckily for him this is the short ring and it isn't a far trip. Logan flips out of the ring onto Nashoba. The Spotlight showboats. This allows Nashoba time to recover. Nashoba gets up and takes control of the match. Nashoba smashes Logan's head against the various tables lining the ring's exterior. Nashoba hits a DDT on Logan Knight to the ring apron. Nashoba finishes rolling Logan into the ring to secure a two count. This more aggressive Nashoba does not like that and he starts to use the rope to choke the champion. Nashoba whips Logan Knight into the corner. The Chickasaw Wolf runs after him to execute a splash. Logan suffers more abuse from Nashoba. The Spotlight finds a large enough hole in Nashoba's offense to roll out of the ring. At some point, Logan's elbow pad had came off in and made its way into the crowd. A little blond toddler boy crosses the barricade to return it to Logan mid match. Logan tells the kid thank you and he will not use it to beat up his opponent. Logan did as he told the kid, but it was not an effective weapon. Nashoba was able to hit Logan Knight with a spine buster to stop the flogging. Logan gets to the apron. Nashoba fallows him to the ropes. Logan flips over Nashoba and hits the opposite side's ropes. He attempts a lariat but misses. Logan is able to get a crucifix pin on Nashoba. Martin counts 1-2-3. Logan Knight with the quick pin retains.

Guy Sterling and Montego Seeka come from the back. Sterling in a very creepy tone starts to chant Logan. Guy wants to remind Logan that Seeka has a call your shot match in his back pocket. This is like the WWE's Money in the Bank Briefcase. Guy Sterling also teases the fans asking if they want to see another Championship match. Guy then says they were not even worth the first one. Guy and Seeka return to the back.

The main event of the evening is a tag match for the Empire Pro Wrestling Tag Championship. First to the ring was Wrangler Rhett from Muskogee, Oklahoma. His tag partner from Paris, France is Jean Claude who was in second match. This time the announcer made sure to get it correct so he did not need to repeat it. Their opponents accompanied to the ring by Omar, The Psychotic Messenger team of Maliki and Tank Bryson. Lucien and Scott Sanders joined Tyler Cordingly on commentary. Jean Claude and Tank Bryson start the match as the legal competitors. However, before Jean Claude would tie up he made the ref check Tank for any hidden objects. Tank ducks behind Jean Claude for a mat return. They men get up and trade blows. Jean Claude would hit tank with an European Uppercut. From the uppercut, Jean Claude locks Tank in a headlock. Jean Claude it able to get Tank Bryson into his corner to tag Rhett in. Rhett takes advantage and puts Tank into a surfboad. Tank powers out of the submission and delivers a headbutt. Tank then throws Rhett into the corner to tag Maliki. Phycho in Motion, aka Poetry in Motion, delivered by Tank on his way out of the ring. Maliki whips Rhett into the ropes and delivers a Lou Thesz press. Maliki doing tag team 101 quickly tags Tank back into the match. Tank tries to end the match quickly. He is paid by the head and not the hour. The ref is distracted. Tank gets the ref's attention back on the legal action but it was enough time to allow Rhett to recover. Rhett delivers a vertical suplex to Tank. Rhett tags Jean Claude. Jean Claude and Rhett do a double clothesline like MJF wants to do with Adam Cole. Jean Claude puts Tank in the corner to lay punches in and make quick tags with Rhett. delivers a urinagi atomic drop combo to Tank Bryson. Rhett throws Tank onto the ropes. Rhett delivers an 8 second ride to Tank. Essentially a facedown bronco buster. After a small amount of time Tank is able to recover enough to deliver a spine buster. Tank follows one high impact move up with another in the form of an inverted DDT. Tank lines Rhett up for a shattered dreams before tagging Maliki. Maliki DDTs Rhett before pinning him. Jean Claude breaks up the pin. Maliki is distracted with with Jean Claude; Rhett delivers a chopblock. Rhett tags Jean Claude in. Jean Claude slings Maliki into the ropes. Tank does a blind tag. Tank catches Jean Claude off guard and is able to hit him with a brain buster. Tank pins the Frenchman. Rhett breaks up the pin. The ref is having difficulties keeping control of the match as all competitors are going in and out of the ring. The legal competitors of Jean Claude and Tank are not both back in the ring with their teammates on the outside. Jean Claude delivers a Russian legsweep to Tank. Tank escapes enough to get a tag. Maliki comes in and hits a Shining Wizard on Jean Claude. Then tags out for Tank to do more damage. Jean Claude and tank battle it out. Both men are down. Jean Claude it able to tag Rhett; Tank tags Maliki for a hot tag. Maliki takes control with a series of clotheslines. Tank dumps Jean Claude to the outside. The Messengers hit a double team. Maliki pins Wrangler Rhett to secure the win. The Psychotic Messengers are still your EPW Tag Champions.


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