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End of An Era

It may be the last Dynamite for Sting, but it is the first Dynamite for Will Ospreay as a full time AEW wrestler.

In a change from the usual, they start off with Adam Page and a promo. Hangman hobbled to the ring with a single crutch. Hangman Adam Page announces he will not be competing at Revolution. The match is now a one on one Swerve Strickland against Samoa Joe. Swerve came out and showed some respect towards Page. Joe interrupted that. Typical three way fued stuff. Joe stirred the pot around Hangman and Swerve. As Strickland was calling "Whose House?" Adam attacked from behind. This was foreseeable but still nice.

Starting real slow with two back to back promos. The second was a pre-recorded one featuring the Young Bucks. The topic of Ric Flair was brought up with them and they said it went well. Matthew then pivoted the conversation to Sting. They implied a beat down was instore for Sting.

With all the Blackpool Combat Club being featured recently it points out that Wheeler Yuta has been missing from Dynamite for a bit. Surprisingly enough I think that Eddie fits in with FTR. Not aesthetically but in the wrestling style. Bell rings and Eddie and Bryan Danielson are in the two legal men. But the typical fake out to Claudio. Eddie seems to hit a stalemate with Claudio when he jumps off the second rope with a shoulder block. Danielson and Harwood then start squaring off. Good technical wrestling into another stalemate. The last two men to not be legal now tag in. Cash backs Mox into the corner with some strikes. The match broke down early. In a different from usual, Cash Wheeler is the one taking the beating. Usually it is Dax who takes the beating before the hot tag. Hot tag to Dax who comes in throwing left fists. Eddie Kingston just standing on the corner ques fans in that the match will not end soon. BCC takes back control of the match. NIce triple team with Dax being in both a leg and arm hold with Bryan Danielson diving onto his shoulder. Eddie is finally tagged and gets his hands on Danielson. Strong strikes backs Danielson into the corner. Mox comes in illegally and stars to trade blows. Castignoli gets the big swing going. BCC after tons of multi person offense almost wins. Dax with a save. The amount of big moves is picking up signalling the end of the match. Rapid Fire chops by Kingston's team reversed into the ten puches in the corner. It was Obvious that Kingston was smacking his chest to make it sound more impressive. Danielson hits the Busaiku knee before making Eddie Kingston pass out for the win.

Tony Schiavone welcomes the Aerial Assassin, the Billy Goat, the one the only Will Ospreay to AEW. I am about as green as Will's tracksuit that this didn't happen last week in Tulsa. Will Ospreay then retold his winning history in AEW, Bruv. At the mention of the Callis Family, Don Callis interrupts his own man. Don Callis hypes the match between Konosuke Takeshita and Will Ospreay as the match of not only the year but of the decade. Conspicuous by his absence is Kyle Fletcher.

Finally Nick Wayne gets a match that is not embroiled in some other person's feud. Unfortunately, as the night is proving the match will be overshadowed by the upcoming Pay Per View. NIck takes control of the match early on when the exchanging of head locks. Nick does pull Orange Cassidy's hair. Orange Cassidy looks to end the match ealy with a beach break attempt. Wayne would attempt a Wayne's world. NIck Wayne is just super athletic. He is also wearing HBK inspires tights tonight. Nick pretty much does not give Orange any breathing room. Christian Cage ever the opportunist pulls Orange off the top rope while Remsburg isn't looking. That gets the Patriarchy expelled from ringside. Cassidy seems to be able to take control after the Patriarchy left ringside. Excalibur says the winner will face Roderick Strong on Sunday but they show the Orange Cassidy v Strong graphic. Again telegraphing that there will not be a change in title. A thrust kick sends Nick Wayne to his bum. German suplex by Wayne but Orange is able to execute a Beach Break. The Kingdom comes out. Rocky and Trent come out to deal with them. Orange Punch to Nick wins the match for Orange Cassidy. Roderick Strong then attacks after the bell.

This is one of two matches that doesn't have anything currently tied to Revolution. Skye Blue starts off aggressively. Statlander is able to overpower her. This is a rubber match for the two ladies. Statlander is showing why she is an awesome athlete with her front flipping senton. Statlander powers Skye Blue over the barricade. German Suplex by Kris Statlander on the apron to Skye Blue after both women showed several minutes of great action. Canadian Destroyer into a thrust kick by Blue gets her a two count on Statlander. Stokely Hathaway offers up a chain which allows Skye Blue to steal a win with Julia Hart hitting Kris with the TBS Title into a Code Blue.

The episode arching quest of Nicholas and Matthew Jackson searching for Sting is nice. It has been a long time since I can remember this type of storytelling in wrestling. The bats hanging in Sting's locker room has been the best segment yet. Still about a half hour left in the show.

While it was reported that Jericho was going to be absent as he toured with Fozzy. However, this was a match supposedly requested by Chris Jericho once the CMLL partnership was announced. Atlantis was a tag partner of a young Chris Jericho. Atlantis is the Historic Light Heavyweight Champion. Jericho and Atlantis Jr. start out with a hockey fight. Two monkey flips by Atlantis Jr. wins him the prize of a Walls of Jericho. Chris Jericho pulls the heel move of going for the mask. Atlantis interferes in the match. That gave Atlantis Jr. the advantage. Jericho reverse a powerbomb into a hurricanrana into the steel steps. Atlantis Jr gets a near fall of a frog splash. The Lionheart isn't as spry as he was in 1996 but he is still giving a decent Lucha Libre style match. Not the spot fest that Americans are used to but a more methodical high impact lucha. A bulldog off the top for a near fall in the favor of Jericho. Jericho misses the Judas Effect. Atlantis Jr. gets Jericho in the back beaker like a torture rack. Jericho escapes to the Walls once again. Atlantis throws in the towel. Jericho wins. Jericho with a sign of respect hold both Atlantis and his son's arm up.

Before we could get to Sting, Nicholas and Matthew Jackson come out. Darby Allin attacks them ringside from the fans. Nicholas hits Darby with his pristine white bat. The Young Bucks administer the EVP Trigger. Matthew motions for a person to come out. Ric Flair's music hits. If, Flair has truly sided with the Young Bucks this was something that was written on the walls in the beginning. Flair attacks the EVPs. Low Blow stops Ric Flair. Excalibur using big words to call Ric Flair old septuagenarian. Sting descended from the rafters. My inner child is overjoyed at this. So many memories of him entering this way to fight off the NWO. Scorpion Death Drop to Nicholas. Sting, Darby, and Ric Flair stand victorious at the end of Sting's last Dynamite as an active competitor.


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