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Eddie Kingston To Claudio Castagnoli: “If You’re Going To Beat Me In New York You’re Going To Have T

Eddie Kingston is ready to die when fighting Claudio Castagnoli.

The Mad King Eddie Kingston spoke to Sports Illustrated ahead of his showdown with the Swiss Superman Claudio Castagnoli at this evening’s AEW Dynamite Grand Slam event, with Eddie Kingston’s NJPW STRONG Openweight Title and Claudio Castagnoli’s ROH World Title on the line. During his chat Eddie Kingston explains his years long hatred for Claudio Castagnoli and why he has zero respect for him.

“I don’t respect anything about Claudio. I don’t even respect that Claudio is a great wrestler, even though he is. As a person, I think he’s garbage. I don’t give a f— what he has to say. Talk is cheap. Let’s let our actions do the talking. This is not a business to me. I’m not wearing a fancy suit to work like him. This is not just a paycheck for me. If it was, I’d be working somewhere else as a coach. This is my life. I am a wrestler, and I’m going to fight with my heart and soul.”

Claudio Castagnoli defeated Eddie Kingston earlier this year at Supercard of Honor, then pinned him again at All Out. Eddie Kingston says that if Claudio Castagnoli wants to beat him tonight he’ll have to kill him.

“If you’re going to beat me in New York, you’re going to have to kill me. Claudio is going to have to put me down for a lot longer than three seconds.”


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