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EC3 Recalls Team 3D Putting Dixie Carter Through A Table, His Storyline with Rockstar Spud

NWA World Heavyweight Champion EC3 has made an appearance on The Kurt Angle Show to discuss a wide range of topics, including his wrestling career. Here are the highlights: 

On Team 3D putting Dixie Carter through a table: 

“What I really remember is that the pop in New York was huge. You know, the build-up was fine. I think prior to the table thing, we had some wild-inspired hardcore fucking fuck fest, like just getting hit with everything Rhino spear and popping in like it was just a nutso match. But then, coming back out for that whole segment, witnessing your poor, dear, sweet aunt get brutalized through a table. It was heartbreaking. But for the company, they built it up well. And in classic bully fashion, he got the last laugh. Who would think it right? I don’t feel right watching this.”

On his storyline with Rockstar Spud: 

“I would credit the company and the writers for giving us the platform to tell the story, because it was originally going to be a quick one-off. After all, they wanted to. They wanted to get me ready for Kurt. And having the comedic aspect was kind of negating the main event caliber heel they wanted me to be. Still, we were able to work it into six weeks of television that culminated in his hometown of Birmingham. I’m sorry. It was in London, but Birmingham is an hour away for the hair vs hair match. But I really credit the company for allowing us to pursue that story, because we really put a lot into it and we really built it up. And that’s like when you give talented people the ability to create. And I think wrestling misses this greatly. You just let them create it. More often than not, you’re going to get very memorable television out of it.”

Thank you to Kurt Angle Show with an h/t to Wrestling Headlines for the transcription.


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