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Dynamite Will tonight be AR Fox's Night?

Welcome ladies and gentlemen and non-binary others to another review of Dynamite from a perspective watching it live. AR Fox has really been talking up his chance at the International Championship tonight will he be able to dethrone the King of Sloth Style find out later in this article.

Darby Alin's connection to AR Fox was highlighted. Which is kinda out of left field. Can they be building up a team for Darby to face Mogul Embassy?

This match was given a 20 min time limit. Entering first was the battered and bruised champion with more title defenses than any other AEW champion in the history of AEW. Also it has been noted that Orange Cassidy is working as a producer for AEW a job Bret Hart had wanted. The info graphic for AR Fox says that he has a 1-0 career history against Orange Cassidy. AR Fox takes control of Orange at the start. keeping with some basic slow paced wrestling before Orange exploded out with a counter. Fox is able to reverse that and get a submission on. Orange puts his hands in his pockets and escapes. Without being too spot monkey like the two men are showing their agility. I don't think it would be Orange Cassidy's forte but if AR Fox could turn this into a lucha paced match that would me amazing. That style would definitely fit Fox who spent time in Lucha Underground. The twisting brain buster by AR Fox was very impressive. To quote a certain individual "tell me when I am telling lies". That was some well timed jumping over the ropes. Orange missing because Fox jumped out. Orange Cassidy defeats another opponent. Good back and forth action on this match. Fox delivers a strong punch to Cassidy after the match causing issues with Darby. This is an interesting story plot. I hope Tony Khan fleshes it out more. Mox then out of no where attacks Orange Cassidy. Payback from Death before Dishonor.

A Don Callis and Jericho segment about Jericho joining the Don Callis family is already boring to me. Isn't Fozzy going on tour to take Chris Jericho away. Best part is the set up of Takeshita and Jericho to face Sammy Guevara and Daniel Garcia. Is part of Callis' gimmick crappy paintings?

We come back from commercial to see Hook sit down with the FTW championship on the bench. Then a train passes and the championship disappears. A second train takes Hook. Odd.

No promo goes without its interruption. The question is now how far will Jack Perry get and how sour will Taz be on commentary? Tony Schiavone calls Jack Perry to the ring. I really dig their use of classical music for Jack. He is also dressed in clothes that really antagonizes Taz. Jack tears down the FTW championship. Jerry Lynn is the one to interrupt and set up a match for next week.

The Bastard PAC's music hits. It is now time for what can and should be the match of the night. This is a high paces match. Like mentioned on the Round Up this is one of the ways that could make Rampage better is matches like this. Excalibur is really punning on PAC's nickname. Also this match really isn't about who wins and who loses. It is about showcasing the ability of both these great highflyers. Gravity taps to the Brutalizer.

MJF and Adam Cole's anti-FTR promos is a bit of a let down since we as fans have seen what they two can do. I still am unsure on who is playing who more on the friendship story. Roderick strong has finally boiled over to shoving MJF. This was answered by another pretape by FTR. Dax is giving a good promo but I find where he is looking at as weird.

Nick Wayne has taken the place of Sting in accompanying Darby to the ring. Slow start to the match with headlocks. That vault over the ropes by Strickland was neat looking. Darby following it with a code red was smooth. Also within the two weeks since that banned list was leaked I have noticed more and more of those moves being used. Just like the steps getting used for a sequence offense and defense. During the commercial break you can witness Swerve taunting Nick Wayne on the outside. Nice kick by Swerve as Darby dove between the middle ropes. Swerve Stop just for Darby to kick out at two. Coffin Drop set up but Swerve stops Allin. A shot of Swerve Stickland's back after that huge fireman's carry on the apron reminds people of the scars on the wrestlers body. That hidden person is obviously AR Fox. This sets up a tag match between AR Fox who just joined Mogal Embassy and Darby and Nick Wayne. Slightly called it from the AR Fox Cassidy match.

These JAS segments are getting real good. Seeing Jericho being torn and the most likely breaking up of the JAS does allow for each member to organically go their own way.

Taya shows her strength at the start of the match. She has really been impressive since joining the company. Britt did try for her man's move of a Panama Sunrise. Dr. Britt Baker reverses a road to Valhalla into a LockJaw for the win. This match didn't truly show off the two women involved.

Best Friends and Lucha Bros kick off the match before the BCC even get to the ring. This is going to be a ground and pound match. All of the competitors have shown that they can go in the ring. Best Friends still has one of the best matches in AEW history when they faces Santana and Ortiz in the Parking Log Brawl. One of the drawbacks to a triple threat is one team or person inevitably disappears, the Lucha Bros seems to do that early in the match. They reappeared just in time for each member to get a high impact move in. Oddly BCC Castagnoli tags Mox in. Now that some resemblance to a regular tag match has emerged BCC is in control. While not announced it seems like this match will only have two legal men at a time. This match is definitely telling a story of BCC agaisnt Best Friends which goes to make me question why is the Lucha Bros out there? I like the Kentucky Gentleman Chuck Taylor and he took control of Mox for a time giving him a Sole Food. Then Penta tagged Mox out. Then the match like all of Lucha Bros matches proceeded to break down. Orange Cassidy's music hits right as Castagnoli is about to put Trent? away. Penta is able to pick up the win.

Upside PAC against Gravity. I really like Lucha.

Downside Britt against Taya. The main event. I see the build of Best Friends against BCC and can understand giving Lucha Bros the win but that still just isn't that great to me.


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