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Dynamite Review 5/24/23

AEW came from the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas and was the go home show for Double or Nothing. Commentary was the usual Taz, Tony, and Excalibur. I would like to make a note these Dynamite reviews are wrote while the show is ongoing. If something is mentioned and then occurs it is not due to hindsight.

AEW kicked it off strong with Kyle Fletcher against the AEW International Champion. Unfortunately, the outcome was all but announced before it happened; it was a nice touch that Excalibur made it out like Orange Cassidy would lose. . That is because the Battle Royal for the International Championship was already announced for Double or nothing. Was nice to see Kyle Fletcher in action. Maybe while Mark Davis is recovering from injury we can see more of Kyle in AEW. Tony did mention that it wasn't tool long ago that Aussie Open was a double champion. The apron DDT before the beach break on the outside looked a little botched or at least not the quality I would prefer for this level of talent. I do like the stalling tactics that Orange Cassidy used while during the picture in picture. Fletcher has a really nice double tombstone piledriver. Taz talks up the dangerousness of the move since a regular piledriver broke his neck. That michinoku driver off the post was nice. Really shows the endurance of Orange Cassidy. Cassidy wins with a quick pin and is still the champion like foreshadowed at the begining of this paragraph. At the end Excalibur announced Ricky Starks as the second enterant to the Casino Battle Royal.

Heard from Ricky Starks that he is refocusing his energy on winning the International Championship before Bullet Club Gold beat him down. As much as Ricky was saying it is over between them it seems like he is wrong.

Jungle Boy gave a very vague history in his promo. It was centered around his drive to and from Vegas each time and how it helped drive his passion in the ring. Typical end with the promise to drive away as champion Monday morning.

The AEW Tag Champions was once again given promo time after being interrupted last week. Cash starts the promo by exhalting Jeff Jarrett. Dax takes the mic and says no matter how many guitars he broke Jeff still wasn't relevant. Called Jeff's stable TNA rejects and mentioned Dixie Carter. Mark Brisco's music hit after Dax said "Top Guys out" FTR said that after going to hell against the Briscos they will go to hell for him. Mark is upset still about the piledriver and slaps Dax's hand rather than shake it. Mark also slaps Jeff on his way to the back. He is not having any of either side of this feud's "shit".

Next segment was hearing from Sammy Guevara. Renee said MJF's offer was still on the table. Sammy will not lay down; he is not for sale. Sammy continued his the world was against me now I am a man living his dream narrative.

House of Black Rules. The special stipulation was no tags necessary. This is the Dynamite debut of Metalik and Blake Christian. The challengers is a team built for power and speed. However, Brody King can easily stop that. Buddy Murphy has the ability to keep up. A very nice pairing. Metalik did tag Black Christian solely due to Blake Christian still being in the ring. After a double dive AR Fox and Brody King became the legal men as the only two in the ring. The brawling did good to try and mask AR Fox's incoming senton. The tripple sumbission for the win was a very cool ending. AR Fox tapped out to an inverted Texas Cloverleaf.

Blackpool Combat Club outlined their objectives for this week and that is winning the RoH tag titles and beating the elite on Sunday. Mox reenforces that they are the best. Just with a changing of how Yuta holds his eyebrows he has changed from happy go lucky with the Best Friends to menacing in the background.

MJF was the third Pillar to cut a promo. His was done from the ring. The variations of these promos is nice. Unfortunately he started with the cheap heat of attacking the town they are in. His line about Jack Perry getting in an echo chamber and speaking to bore himself to death was nice. Other than that the insults were subpar. He ruined the building up the main event as all homegrown talent by mentioning he is still looking at going to the WWE. That bit is tiresome. Ending with none are on the level of the devil was a nice not to the fact that they are in Sin City.

Darby came out at the end of MJF's promo. MJF said to cut his music. MJF mentioned Darby's lift shoes. I am not a fashionista so I am not sure if that is what they are actually called. Darby's promo was about losing a lot and how if he would have listened to what people told him he would not be here. AEW allows him to live the live he wants in and out of the ring. He noted he has hung with Travis Pastrano and Tony Hawk due to it. Finished by telling MJF he will walk away and maybe even do it by a headlock take over. MJF liked that so much he kicked Darby in the testicles. Que the entrance of Jack Perry and Sammy Guevara. Nice build to Double or Nothing's main event.

Wardlow and Arn hyped the ladder match against Christian Cage and Wardlow in a pre-taped vignette.

As Taya comes to the ring the commentary team mention the upcoming match with Jade this Sunday. Jade's current record is 60-0. This is the first time for Lady Frost to be on Dynamite. Both ladies looked strong in this match. It served as a good warm up match for Taya and Double or Nothing, Lady Frost is very athletic and with the gymnastics background is able to make simple moves look interesting by the flips leading up to them. Taya won with a Road to Valhalla.

Tony Khan announced that Collision would be first held in Chicago from the United Center on June 17th. Although a ploy for CM Punk it is fitting as that was where All Out was held. Annoying that his big announcement this week was what has been getting reported for months.

A rare appearance of Alex Marvez. Silly question of where the Elite stands. Follow BTE and Alex would know. Adam said they are family.

Tony Schiavone hosed the contract signing. While Adam Cole was coming out, Excalibur explained that even unsanctioned matches need contracts due to liabity since they are on AEW television. Cole was accompanied by Roderick Strong. Jericho was accompanied by the JAS minus Sammy, Tay, and Anna Jay. There is supposed to be no physical contact for this segment. Tony Schiavone reiterated that is was a personal contract between the two participants to release AEW of liability. Adam Cole promise to show Chris Jericho that he is not invincible like the thinks. Jericho pulled the classic heel move of replaying the antagonizing video. Adam Cole brought in Sabu as back up for him and Strong. The Homicidal, Suicidal, Maniac will be at Double or Nothing. Sabu also broke the no violance rule by hitting Matt Manard with a chair.

Unannounced match of Daniel Garcia against Roderick Strong. JAS banned from ringside. These two men put on a phenomenal match. Daniel Garcia does play to the fans as they chant he can't dance. Taz mentions Alex Wright and his dancing skills. Nice old school reference from Taz. Roderick Strong for the win.

Buried in the commentary. Was the above announcement. This is exciting. Maybe soon This will be done for the leader of the United Empire Will Ospreay. Also if you collect AEW cards get ready for this to be a New Release.

The Main Event of the evening was for the RoH titles Bryan Danielson joined the broadcast team for this match. He even did a throwback to the man in the mask line from William Regal. Continually putting Claudio Castagnoli in tag team action to me dilutes the prestige of the RoH Heavyweight Title. Paul Turner was the ref. This math started off hard hitting. The style of Lucha Bros better lends itself to a tornado tag rather than traditional as they rarely tag but often do double team moves. During a commercial break Claudio gave Rey Phoenix a massive tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Rey Phoenix sold it well. Claudio catching Rey Phoenix was an impressive feat of strength. Penta kicking Claudio to make him drop Rey Phoenix was a well executed counter and nice story aspect to the match. Daniels on mentioned that Yuta will get a slap for the lackadaisical pin was nice as it reenforces their commitment to training. Young Bucks cost BCC the match. Mox cuts a nice promo for the Anarchy in the Arena at Double or Nothing.

Great episode tonight. Downside is that there was a lot of talk segments. Also the way Aussie Open was announced as ALL ELITE.

Upside is great action. Additionally Aussie Open is ALL ELITE. Second is overall it was a great build to the PPV. Really makes people not want to miss out on it.


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