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Dynamite June 7, 2023 Review

Here is a watch along review of the Dynamite for June 7, 2023. The show was hosted in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That is nearly 60,000 miles about sea level. That will effect the cardio of some wrestlers. The usual three of Tazz, Excalibur, and Tony are on the commentary team.

The show came from Colorado Springs, Colorado. The usual team of Tazz, Tony, and Excalibur is on commentary. Colorado Springs is nearly 60,000 feet above sea level which will effect the athletes. This may not factor into story.

The opening contest was Orange Cassidy against Swerve Strickland for the AEW Intranational Championship. Excalibur talks about how beat up Orange Cassidy is. If that is really the case why don't they remove the belt from Orange or is that breaking what little kayfabe exists. All of commentary built of the cunning and ring prowess of Swerve Strickland. Orange did the over the top rope like Flair used to do but he did not fall. I am still dubious on how that seems realistic. Up until this first commercial break it has been a nice break from Orange's typical beating then miraculous win. That would have been a hard story to pull off since Swerve may be smaller than Orange. I don't know without checking. I like how Tony mentioned that the Death Valley Driver could have been avoided if Orange only stayed inside the ring. Swerve knocking down Prince Nana was a nice thing. Made Nana's presence mean something. The near fall on Orange after the stomps was a shock that Swerve didn't win there. However, still the champ is Oragne Cassidy. The Mogul Embassy comes out to beat Orange up. Lights went out. Sting and Darby for the save.

Interesting note Sting when AEW Fight Forever comes out on June 29th will have appeared in four major companies video games across six generations of gaming consoles. Along with WCW, TNA, WWE, and AEW Sting also appeared in an independent Legends of Wrestling game.

Besides the vignettes promoting Forbidden Door, another sign that it is coming up is that Best Friends and Rocky Romero is being billed as Chaos. This is Okada's stable in NJPW for anyone who is not familiar with Chaos. Chaos kicks off the match fast. This is a very aggressive Best Friends and Romero. Rocky Romero really got in a lot of spots after the hot tag. Chaos is looking super strong with the pounding they are giving the Blackpool Combat Club. Rocky would eventually tap to a read naked choke. Wheeler Yuta would continue to deliver elbows after the match.

After the match The Hung Bucks (Adam Page, Nick and Matt Jackson) challenged BCC for a trios match at Washington DC next week. Challenge was obviously accepted. No Bryan Danielson or Takeshita.

This promo sets up Adam Cole to be the next contender for the world title. Something I believe would have happened sooner if Adam didn't have a career threating concussion. MJF is pulling the "fan" card again. While talking up Adam MJF did hint at WWE and his time as NXT champ along with Undisputed Era. That really makes me hope that Kyle O'Reilly is close to coming back.

Adam Cole is able to wipe away almost everything that MJF said by calling him a toxic troll from the internet. Adam Cole also insinuated steroid use on behalf of MJF as why he is bigger than Adam. Adam C0le is all natural. Nice ending to this segment with Cole crouching down and the crowd yelling his name without the music.

Hook entered first carrying his FTW title. That title can just disappear. It serves no purpose. LIF jumped Junglehook. Jack Perry ripped at the mask of Dralistico. WTF that is a heel move. During a commerical break I feel like Preston Vance and Hook doing a move off the stairs was teased and would have been a massive hit. Hook busted Preston open with a massive chain wrapped fist. Hook putting Vance thru the table with that suplex was awesome. Junglehook wins afer Jungleboy puts Dralistico in a snaretrap and Hook puts Jose in a rear naked choke.

FTR and CM Punk against Golden Elite with Samoa Joe. This is a nice main event. It goes towards the FTR against Golden Elite that was being built last week. It also plays into the rumors that CM Punk and Samoa Joe is supposed to feud. This should help move more tickets there. However from what Dave Meltzer has said it is the rest of the Collision tour that needs tickets to move especially in places like Toronto.

Takeshita took on a local talent. That is nice for David Ace since it gives him TV time but does nothing to benefit Takeshita. After the match Don Callis was boo'd so loudly it was hard to hear both him and Takeshita cut their promo. However, looking at the crowd it may be piped in noise. People on the front row seemed bored. There was even a girl in white checking out her cell phone.

Looks like the Wardlow and Christian Cage feud will continue as Luchasaurus just beat up Brock Anderson.

Kris Statlander is such a power house. Anna Jay.A.S played a nice chicken heel. Both ladies put on a great match. Not much can be said about good matches like this. Statlander retains. Taya Valkyrie is in the back watching. This is foreshadowing the two of them colliding.

This main event seem overshadowed. The intensity of the two was seen earlier with Chaos against BCC. The violence was shown during the Tornado tag. The one thing that happened that did not happen in an earlier match was the Ass Boys interfering while the Paul Turner was down. The question now becomes is the Gun club joining the Golden Elite or is the Gun Club entering a program with Ricky Starks?

Downsides: The lights were off a really long time for Sting and Darby to get to the ring.

MJF's segment was super long. Over 20 min.

Upsides: Adam Cole setting up his title match and the crowd being active during that segment . All Ego Ethan Page getting more TV time although it is with the Hardy Party.


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