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Dynamite from Houston

The night started off not only with a highly anticipated match but also with a jump start. Something Tony Khan seems to be a fan of doing. Penta is being the aggressor. Some one is dressed as Chucky tonight. Also there is a rather neat Lucha Bros sign of the Lucha Bros as Venom and Carnage with Alex as Spider-Man, Penta crashed to the outside and Bullet Club Gold taunted him. Cardblade has a world title taped to his hand. Jay White did a crummy move by tying Penta's mask. Dirty for a luchador. Jay White employs a seldom seen submission so seldom seen that I don't remember the proper name. I think it is an Indian Death Lock turned into a modified STF. Penta escapes and starts to build a comeback with a sling blade. Penta stalks Jay White. That was stupid for Jay White to allow Penta to throw his glove to Alex. I know they have to get their spots in. Jay hit a bare chested Penta and it really reverberated . Penta pulled off a cool Fireman's Carry driver. Then attempted Fear Factor. Jay White gets a near fall with the Brainbuster. Penta escapes a Blade Runner to hit a Made in Japan for a near fall. The Bullet Club distracts the ref allowing Jay White to hit the Blade Runner after Rock Hard Juice Robinson hit Penta.

After the match Jay White cut a promo. Starting by rebutting the fans saying MJF sucks not him. Nothing is really said before handing the microphone to Juice Robinson. Juice just says he will win the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal tonight. Juice wants to pawn it for another gold tooth. Austin then finished the segment saying if they are not down with it two words "Guns Up"

Cut to the back where MJF says he isn't an idiot. That is why he didn't go down. He does want Juice to win for a left hand of god against the right hand of the devil. The Acclaimed then appear offering to team with him for an 8 man against Bullet Club Gold. Max continues his weird flirtation with MJF. Saying he will win the battle royal tonight and MJF will have to put a ring on it.

Sakura jumps her former student before the bell. Sakura keeps the early advantage. Emi Sakura is a 28 year veteran according to the commentary team. Shida stops Sakura's offense with a high knee. These two ladies are going back and forth. They know each other well, just because they don't feud in AEW doesn't mean there isn't history. A nice aspect of AEW. Emi Sakura takes too much time posing on the ramp. It gave Shida time to recover and reverse anything that Sakura meant to do. Emi Sakura delivered a Tiger Driver to Shida. Emi gets a 2,999 count with a high stack. Taz explains that a high stack means that all the body weight is on their chest. Shida delivered a back breaker that looked more like a shoulder breaker. Shida hit a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. The Katana cuts down Emi Sakura. Kikaru Shida retains.

The Rated-R Rebuttal is Adam Copeland feeling confused. Adam Copeland retells how they became friends. Essentially Adam Copeland is saying that he is the one that basically made Christain. That he encouraged Christian the entire way. Christain is only acting the way he is because it has always been Adam Copeland first and Christian second. Copeland does not want to take anything from Christain. He knows that Christian will crash. All the man formerly known as Edge knows about what he wants for his career is not to fight his best friend.

Poor Ryan Nemeth was fed to Wardlow. The match ended after a single powerbomb. Tony Schiavone then interviews Wardlow. He askes why is he back. Wardlow just hold up his taped wrist that says MJF. He then knocks down Tony. I know it is story but not cool.

MJF and Omega have an odd encounter. MJF tells Omega 13 days.

Roderick Strong has Adam Cole make some PB&J sandwiches. After taking a huge bite Strong spits the sandwich out and complains about the crust. Adam Cole exited ignoring the calls of Roderick Strong. Strong concludes he has to be nice to the scumbag in order to get his friend back.

Schiavone is back in the ring to introduce Don Callis. Don has a last supper with his family in place of the apostles. A sign says Don Callis worse than Dallas. Having been to Dallas that is harsh on Dallas. This promo sucked. Hobbs cried about something that may or may not have happened to him as a kid. Kyle Fletcher is not a part of the Don Callis family yet his United Empire stablemate Will Ospreay is a member. That is really weird. Feels like an indie promotion type move. Fletcher does come out and say that he did that match for Callis a few weeks back as a favor to Will. Don then says if Kyle beats Kenny Omega then he might be able to join the family. Screw that let's get a full on United Empire in AEW.

After three segments including one where MJF told Omega 13 days. The match finally starts. The third jump start tonight. Don Callis likes Kyle Flether's balls. The 13 days is according to Excalibur how long until MJF beats Kenny Omega's reign as champ. Fletcher threw Omega into the crowd. Fletcher then takes him back into the ring. Omega is able to reverse the attack. Kenny then tries the Terminator Dive, but like when Ric Flair would go to the top rope this was also stopped. Kyle Fletcher has control of the match while it is in commerical for those watching on TBS. Omega hits a "You Can't Escape" followed by Fletcher escaping outside for Kenny to hit his portion of Crossing Swords. No Ibushi to cross with. V Trigger missed; Kyle Fletcher hits a half and half. Fletcher hits a michinoku driver for a two count. One Winged Angel by Omega for the win.

A vignette for Danhausen aired. Love that Danhuasen.

Lance Archer makes an appearance and his is treated like the monster he should be. Although is opponent dived thru the ropes before the bell, Lance does not allow that to phase him. Everybody Dies won Archer the match.

Sting delivers a very bittersweet announcement. His last match will be at Revolution 2024. Sting reflected on his traveling buddies from days gone by. Sting gave a shout out to Ric Flair. Clash of Champions 1988 his first world title match. RealRasslin fans I have watched Sting my entire life. This announcement is not something that is shocking as the man is 64; but it is one last nail in many people childhood.

JR recaps the betrayal of Darby Allin by Nick Wayne. Nick's mom just can't understand why. Nick is pulling off a nice brooding teen look during this. Nick tells everyone that he felt in the shadow of Darby and that is why. Christain then comes in to take him "home". Nick then calls his mom terrible before she slaps him. Darby is waiting in the wings to attack both men as they left. Darby continues to attack Nick onto the ramp. Luchasaurus then attacks. Sting for the save. Darby broke one of Nick's teeth.

I will not name all 12 participants. I will however, do my best to list who eliminates who. MJF is on commentary. Jeff Hardy quickly attempts to eliminate Juice Robison. Matt Sydal was eliminated by Johnny TV. Johnny TV was eliminated by Matt Hardy and Dustin Rhodes. Hager eliminated Matt Hardy. MJF went ringside. MJF paid Dustin Rhodes money to target Juice Robinson. Dustin delivered a shattered dreams. Max Caster looks like a buffoon running from bottom rope to bottom rope. Menard and Daniel Garcia eliminate Kommander. Dustin delivers a Canadian Destroyer to Garcia. Trent Baretta eliminated Jake Hager. Menard and Trent both fighting on the ring apron risking elimination. Garcia saved Daddy Magic. Daddy Magic then eliminated Trent. Garcia eliminated Jeff Hardy. Matt Menard and Daniel Garcia get into a shoving match. Dustin eliminated Daddy Magic then Dustin was eliminated by Daniel Garcia. This leaves Daniel Garcia, Juice Robinson, and Max Caster. Daniel Garcia is then quickly eliminated. MJF says the Stalker and the Sleaze bag are the ones left. Both Caster and Robinson are on the apron. MJF is able to recover his belt, momentarily, while the Battle Royal is still ongoing. Robinson delivers the left hand of god to Caster while wearing the ring. Juice Robison then wins the Battle Royal.


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