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Dynamite 9/13/23

The action started off the show as usual. This week it was a International Title defense against Big Bill. When the music hit I thought that it was going to be Starks challenging. It is a disservice to Big Bill to have him come out to Starks' music. What is to be expected from a match between these two men but that is would be a slug fest. Mox did have to alter his lariats as Bill is taller than him. Mox got opened up during a commerical break. If that was done the hard way they should show it again. Moxley's cutter on Big Bill really looked like a big move. Ricky Starks then knocked Mox off the top rope giving Bill the advantage for a two count. Out comes The American Dragon. Maybe Ricky and him are not done from All Out. Big Bill is looking strong in this match. However, it is obvious he will not win. Bill needs some wins. Tony Khan in my opinion does not know how to book up a monster. Mox wins via choke out. Bill and Starks beats down Danielson after the match. Sadly Ricky's pearls are broken and no that is not a euphemism for something else.

Next week it will be Jon Moxley against Rey Pheonix.

Backstage with Rene, the Kingdom and Roderick Strong is given some time. Adam Cole tries to tell them going against Samoa Joe is bad. However he is dismissed.

Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita unveil the next Masterpiece. Don talks up his man calling him the Ace. Takeshita is now given a nickname. He is the Alpha. If he was to tag with Omega they could be the Alpha and Omega. But the next target of Callis and The Alpha Takeshita will be Kota Ibushi. This should allow for easy calling moves in the ring. I kinda like the portrait gimmick.

The next contest was to determine the Number 1 contender for the AEW Women's Title. I guess wins may still matter. Nyla starts off looking dominate. Toni does come in to take some of that glamour. Hikaru took a cross body dive to the outside. She was caught by all four ladies. This getting caught by all the competitors hasn't been as bad as it used to be but it is still clunky. During the commercial break it appeared that Britt Baker was getting the majority of the beating. Nyla did a nice move after the Beast Bomb. She pulled Toni Storm up and Shida kneed her in the back of the head. Britt did a horrible curb stomp. Off that Curb Stomp Toni Storm stole the victory. It will be Saraya against Toni Storm next week.

Le Sex God promo starts off with Jericho talking. Sammy looks nice in the red shirt. Jericho plays a video package to remind the audience of the great times that they have had over the last four years. It is a nice video package. Jericho says that he first saw Sammy Guevara on the NWA 70th Anniversary show and wanted him in AEW. Jericho flubbed some of his lines, but that is okay as it is bound to happen at times. Sammy thanks Chris for changing not only his life but the life of essentially all of the locker room because Sammy believes no Chris Jericho and no AEW. Sammy says he needs to beat Chris Jericho next week. To be the Man you have to beat the man as Ric Flair would say. Chris Jericho says yes Sammy needs to beat him but he isn't ready.

Brain Cage's makeup is nice this week. Looks like skin over his eye has been removed to reveal he is a robot. It starts out with Adam Page charging Cage and laying in some blows. Cage easily overpowers him, This sequence of events continued until Cage wen to powerbomb Page into the corner post. Page escaped. Page was then able to get the Machine with a 619 but they called it an area code pop due to reasons. Swerve's music hit which cause Page to ignore his opponent. Brain Cage then delivered a nice German Suplex bringing Adam Page into the ring. Cage's showing off his strength by curling Hangman backfired as Adam Page turned it into a crucifix pin. Buckshot countered into a Drill Claw countered into a pin. Cage kicked out at 2. Hangman then does a dead eye for the win. Very entertaining match.

After that match, Adam Page cuts a promo. Starts off with saying Swerve wants his spot but refuses to come take it from him. He is using lackeys instead. Swerve's reply is "What up, Turd" then goes on to insult the school system, Swerve says it will be on his terms which is WrestleDream on October first in Seattle, Washington. Cage then attack from behind again. Tony from commentary says we should have seen this. The Young Buck for the save. Nick also imitates Nana and his dance.

Nick Wayne and Darby Allin face off against Matt Menard and Angelo Parker. Menard and Parker are another set of individuals I feel are not being used properly. Before the action could get underway, Christain Cage's music hit. The former member of the JAS take to beating down Nick Wayne. Jake Hager and Anna Jay prevent Nick from tagging out after a enziguri. During the commercial break Menard and Parker keep Wayne from tagging. Come back to see Nick Wayne in a rear chin lock. Once Darby get in he starts to gain the offensive advantage. Does not last long. Darby tags in Nick who hits a Wayne's World on a unsuspecting Parker. The match isn't much longer after that. Darby wins with a Coffin Drop.

Christain then takes the mic and cuts a sleaze bag promo. He also takes a cheap shot at the city they are in. Christain then blames his lost at All In because he didn;t have Luchasaurus. So next week at Grand Slam we will have a tag match Sting and Darby Allin against Christain Cage and Luchasaurus.

Roderick Strong is accompanied by The Kingdom. When will they officially readd him to the Kingdom? Joe starts with some unorthodoxed moves. He is headbutting the hand when he has the wrist lock on. Roderick Strong is doing his escape to the outside tactic. Samoa Joe just runs over Strong ignoring any offense that Strong had gotten in previously. Roderick Strong is able to take control with some quick hits. Samoa Joe delivers a powerslam that rivals that of Dustin Rhodes in it's beauty. Joe goes for a muscle buster but Mike Bennet distracts him and received a punch. Strong is able to take advantage of the disraction. Strong taps out to a Rear Naked Choke. Next week it will be MJF against the Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe.

Adam Cole comes out to check on Roderick Strong after the match. Strong fakes that his neck is super hurt. A stretcher is quickly brought out. The medic had issues putting on the collar. He did not seem to know how to do it. Very comical ending. I know that is not the intent but that is how is it coming off. Joe comes out to choke out Adam Cole.

This is a good show overall. The only downside is the women's cross body to the outside.


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