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Dynamite 6/28/23

They kicked this show off hot from Hamilton Ontario Canada. The home of Ethan Page who unfortunately is not on the card. This is also the fall out from Forbidden Door 2.

Mox was accompanied by Cesaro and Yuta coming to the ring for his match against Ishii who pinned him at Forbidden Door 2. Commentary spoke about how this was a rematch from the G1 six years ago. The two mean trading chops light up their chests big time. Mox's victory lap as it was called when he jumped over the barricade was a bit weird. Eddie coming out to save Ishii is a nice touch to further AEW storyline. The stamina and power that Tomohiro Ishii has at 47 is spectacular. Stephon Smith jumping to check on Ishii after that spinning elbow made me think something was really wrong. That is something other refs should take note. Mox wins.

After the Mox match they showed Renee meeting Adam Cole as he arrived but interrupted by MJF. I like the reference to Adam Cole being sick at Forbidden Door. At least they are not running from what happened. MJF unveiled a "Better Than You BayBay" shirt to make the legitimization of the tag look authentic. Everyone knows it will fall apart.

Back from commercial break, Renee is jumping her husbands case about Mox having as spat with Eddie Kingston. Eddie then interrupts. Renee ends it by telling Eddie to fix it.

As Orange Cassidy comes out Excalibur notes that Ruby Soho and Britt Baker will not occur as Britt is sick. It will happen next week. BTW Orange Cassidy match was not anounced with the card

This match seems to be the team of Keith Lee, Orange Cassidy, and Vikingo agianst the JAS combo of Garcia, Matt Menard, and Angelo Parker. Orange putting Parker's comb in his pants along with his hands was a nice comedic play especially since it was followed by Orange combing his hair. Vikingo is impressive anytime he gets in the ring. Unfortunately during commerical break he did a nice rebound from the ropes and a spectacular spinning kick after that. AEW does a good job a keeping Keith Lee a power house. Matt Menard takes the pin and Keith Lee wins it for his team.

A pretape was shown after the trios match. This showed the Dark Order challenging the Hung Bucks. Looks like Adam Page may truly be seperated from the Dark Order. The Dark Order has not had a good thing going since Mr. Brodie Lee. Hopefully this will turn them around.

Another backstage segment. This is understandable as a lot of their athletes need to recover from Forbidden Door. Jericho is saind he will dig deep and make Sting's make up dirty with blood. Also like the throw back reference to the fact that WCW Thunder was on TBS and had Schiavone on commentary.

This six man tag is a first time ever. It is also a interesting match. It could have been booked in many ways. Going to pause here on the analysis and just remind you this is written as watching's it. That being said here is what could have happend. Adam page just beats them and shows no remorse or the opposite. Additionally Tony Khan has been using Stu recently on RoH. So this could be used to bring him back. Now to the actual action Nick and Reynolds started the match. Good basic wrestling. Johnnie Hungie and Page both get tagged in the solid wrestling continues. It is nice to see this from people who do not often show they are solid with the basics of wrestling. Uno wanted some of Adam Page but that was denied. Uno cheap shot on Adam Page. Reynold got a close call on Page. Nice. BTE trigger Buckshot Lariat for the win. Adam Page showed some remorse but not much. BCC in to attack from behind. Dark Order sadly walks away. The Challenge is made July 19 Boston Blood and Guts!!! That will be a Rampage. So while I will tune in I will not be covering it.

The heel turn has been completed. Our young padawan turned to the dark side. Shame he could not resist it like Luke Skywalker did. Yeah that might have been inspired by the StarWars Commercials aired earlier. Jack is cutting a typical heel promo. It does not fit him. The heel turn does open a Jurassic Express reunion. Jungle Boy is doing good as the crowd chanted Asshole. Hook finally comes out and Jack Perry runs for the hills.

Although Britt Baker had the night off Ruby Soho did not. Soho faced local talent Alexia Nicole. Ruby was dominated. She finished the match with the LockeJaw mocking her opponent for next week. To be Honest the inevitable outcome kinda had me glazing over this match. Definitely a concession stand match if you are in person. Ruby's promo was decent.

While i will generally overlook the recaps and not comment on them the Rampage recap with Anthony Bowens saying he is gay was good. Which Bowens was named number 44 most influential gay athlete. Congratulations to him. Also while he only wears trunks and not pants when he pointed at his gear he pointed right at the scissor on his crotch. Another nod to him being gay?

The main event is something I have been waiting on since Sting and Jericho first shared the ring. Slightly disappointed with Sting's makeup as at the Forbidden Door it was a rif on the Painmaker's makeup. It would have also been fitting here. Jericho's entrance gives big time fight feel which is needed on this fallout from Forbidden Door. Jericho has not lost as the Painmaker in AEW. After the bell rings Sting tells Jericho to put the bat down but they instead sword fight with them after Jericho hits him initially. This match is hitting fast and hard. Sammy cutter in the first minute of the match. Chair to the spine of Darby by Jericho. Then Sammy takes over putting the hurt on Darby. I don't know if Darby was trying to jump over the steps and misjudged the barricade or if that was the intention but that looked painful. During the commercial break Jericho uses a poster as a weapon. He tried to shove it down Sting's throat after punching him with it. Sting jumped from a ladder to splash Sammy threw a table. OMG! They didn't break both tables as planned. Good thing my mouth and fingers can work independently 'cause that has me speechless. Judas effect knocked Darby Allin out of the ring. Sting from behind to attempt a death drop but reversed into a Walls of Jericho. Sting breaks it by hitting Jericho with Floyd. IT is over TV time. Sting gets the death drop on a bloody Jericho but he kicks out. Jericho taps to the Scorpion Death Lock. Amazing match. I was not disappointed.


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