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Dynamite 25 Oct. Review

Tonight's AEW comes from the adopted home of Kip Sabian, Philadelphia. It opened with MJF calling Adam before Roderick Strong interrupts the phone call. Strong is trying to play nice for their mutual friend Adam Cole. They then cut to the person wearing the Devil Mask.

MJF barely lets the bell ring before using a double leg takedown on Juice. Commentary is building up the importance of the ring on MJF's major victories. MJF is beating down Robinson on the outside. He briefly returned to the ring to break the count. MJF slingshot Juice into the corner of the ring. That is a nice variation of moves, as I cannot recall it being used for a bit. That busted Juice Robinson open. MJF went to curb stomp Juice on the steel steps but the Gunn Club stopped that by distracting MJF. Juice is able to make a comeback after that. Off a second distraction Austin gives Juice MJF's scarf to choke his opponent. MJF reversed Juice Robinson from choking him. This time Bryce Remsburg seen the cheating. MJF hits Robinson with a Kangaroo Kick. MJF connects with the Dynamite Diamond Ring before hitting a heat seeker to win the Dynamite Diamond Ring for a fifth year. The Bang Bang Gang attack after the match. The Kingdom comes out to help MJF. The Kingdom only barely helps. The true saviors of MJF is The Acclaimed. After some uneeded promos and saying mean things to Max Caster, MJF ended it by closing Max's scissor. One the ramp Omega sets up him versus MJF on Collision this Saturday.

While it isn't the 2300 Arena it is nice to see the huge pop for RVD in Philadelphia. The match starts with Alex Reynolds receiving a mat return by Hook. RVD is tagged in early. Reynolds then tags John Silver in. RVD hits a monkey flip on Silver. When John Silver gets back in the ring him and RVD stare each other down for a long time. Evil Uno interferes with the match by holding Hook's leg. This allowed Johnny Hungee to take advantage and start a beat down of Hook. Hook is able to make a hot tag to RVD. RVD takes control. Rolling Thunder sums up his flurry of offense. RVD did a northern lights suplex and pin on Alex Reynolds who was not the legal man. Hook tags in to give John Silvers some cross face smashes. Van Terminator to Evil Uno as he tries to hit RVD with a chair. Hook gets Silver to tap with a red rum.

I seen a Impact tweet earlier today that said Sting, Ric Flair, and Dusty Rhodes are the only three to hold the ten pounds of gold and big gold belt. But to what is happening in the ring, Darby and Tony are there to hear Sting thanking several people he forgot last week and stating Darby is his best tag team partner. Tony Schiavone credits Sting for putting wrestling on the TBS map 35 years ago. Tony Schiavone brings out Tony Khan's special gift and it is Ric Flair. How is that a gift? Their hug reminds me of the final Nitro where they finished the show with a hug. Ric Flair mentions he wants to ride the ride with Sting until March. Christian then comes out. The second most important part is a trios match has been set up for Full Gear. I will be highly pissed if the last member of Darby Allin and Sting is Ric Flair as he already had an entire event called Ric Flair's Last Match.

Renee seems to question if Jericho is at the end of his time as a wrestler. Since received a massive beat down by Will Hobbs two weeks ago. Jericho says it is a time to reflect. Jericho is going to call some friends bigger than Hobbs. Does that mean No More BS Paul Wight?

Gonna be honest here, I am not excited about this match. I like the Elite but their opponents not so much. Nick Jackson and Brother Zay start the match. The Elite takes control early in this fast paced match. A battle of the Matts then happens as the next set of tag in and outs. Matt Hardy hits a side effect early. Zay dives out of the ring doing a tornado dive. He returned to the ring to mock the Young Buck with Matt Hardy. Matt Jackson is able to do a stereo norhtern lights to Matt Hardy and Zay. Jeff has only really did stuff from the apron. Hangman rolls thru to attempt a deadeye but instead we see a silly string. Zay is really showing why he is a top notch wrestler tonight and able to his some of his moves. The Elite retain after a BTE Trigger. After the match Swerve does a weird in house promo against Page. Adam Page runs out of the arena like he can get to Aaron's Creek, Virginia. Stupid. Before the Women's Title Match they announced that Hangman has left the building.

Rene and Adam Copeland are in the back. Adam promises not to fight Christian. Darby tell Adam not to be stupid it is "Kill or be Killed". Sting mentions having blinders on while tagging with Lex Luger and that Edge needs to take his off.

Shida ties up and pushes Soho to the rope. Soho is able to turn it around and take control. This has started as a slow paced match. This is a nice deviation from the other matches. They do say variety is the spice of life or something like that. A series of rolling pins. Shida is able to hit Soho with a high knee. After a failed pin Ruby removes the middle turnbuckle then frames Shida with a spray paint can. That doesn;t work for a DQ as the champion has a no DQ advantage. Shida kicks out of a Destination Unknown. Shida hits the Katana. Ruby kicked out. Shida pushes Soho ino the expose corner before hitting another Katana for the win. Timeless Toni Storm comes out with her new butler Luther.

Samoa Joe interrupts a MJF segment. Joe promises to be his muscle if he is given a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. Man do I love having so many viable challengers.

The main event is the Dynamite Debut of Kazuchika Okada. Okada is probably the best active Japanese wrestler. The coins hitting the ground are as iconic as the broken glass for Stone Cold Steve Austin. Danileson ripped a piece of Okada's money in half. Danielson in his first match against Orange quickly kicks Cassidy down. Claudio and Okad both tag in and tie up. Castagnoli has the strenght advantage. Okada with the cunning and speed. Okada gets the better of exchanging blows before tagging in Clementine. Claudio Castagnoli just beats Orange Cassidy after that. Finally what we have been waiting for all night Kazuchika Okada and Bryan Danielson are legal in the match. The two men exchange powerful blows. Claudio catches the orange punch into the giant swing. Then from the big swing Claudio does a scorpion death lock. Okada breaks the submission. Okada drop kicked Danielson. Problem there is it was from the wrong angle. Okada and Randy Orton have the best drop kicks. Claudio pins Orange Cassidy for the win. Did Okada break Danielson again? The American Dragon is clutching his jaw and getting medical attention. The commentary says that Okada is taunting Danielson but it looked like concern. Hook for some reason is out there. Looks like a set up for Hook against Yuta.

World's End will be the first AEW PPV in New York. It will also end out the year for AEW on PPVs.

Ups for this night is all the legendary talent. I did not expect Ric Flair to be here. Okada is always a pleasure. RVD in action is also nice.

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