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Dynamite 200

Well ladies and gentlemen and nonbinary others Dynamite celebrated 200 episodes tonight. Other things that can be celebrated today in AEW is that both Evil Uno and the rest of Dark Order, Kip Sabian, and The Elite have publically announced they have signed new contract with AEW.

They started the action very fittingly. Jericho and Takeshita against Garcia and Sammy Guevara. Sammy Guevara was in the very first match on Dynamite where he faces Cody. That is also the beginning of Inner Circle. Jericho and Sammy start he action. The two men show that hey are familiar with each other and exchange chops. Sammy and Daniel Garcia exchange being the legal men. They then do the Le Sex Gods pose as Jericho lays on the ground. Garcia has control of Jericho and dances over his back. Garcia wants Takeshita. Don Callis cheats and Jericho does not seem to care that it happened as he took advantage. Jericho take control of the match. Jericho came up just a little short on the Lionsault. Commentary said that Garica got his knees up which was not obvious. Garcia tags in Guevara and Sammy takes control of the match. Sammy almost wins the match with a homage to Latino Heat and a frog splash. Takeshita puts Sammy in a variation of the Walls of Jericho after Jericho stops Guevara's momentum. Sammy did a backflip off the corner. It looked like he may have caught Takeshita in the mouth. Don allis hits Garcia with a bat as Jericho is about to tap out to the dragon slayer. Jericho pins Garcia. Although hesitant Jericho and Takeashita for the win.

Tony Khan thanks the fans, staff, and wrestlers for making AEW Dynamite a success. A highlight package then aired.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and announces Jack Perry will be coming to the ring. If Jack Perry's attitude didn't say he turned heel his clothes sure due. All black with leather skull the back of his leather jacked. Jerry Lynn answers the call from Jack. Does a nice line about fighting him would be child abuse. No doctor would clear him to wrestle. However, he has a ECW friend who still wresltes to go against him. The Whole Fucking Show RVD. Jack Perry leaves the ring as Rob Van Damn stares him down. For 52 years of age RVD still moves really great. He did look a little stiff coming to the ring.

The triple threat any thing goes match has me intrigued. BCC against Death Triangle I can understand as a feud. Their members have been steady and presented on the same level. Best Friends has had seemingly a revolving door of member and not always presented as a legit threat to any championship. Trent Beretta starts the match by diving at Mox. Not to be out done Penta dives onto Trent. Which it seems Trent has regained his last name. Maybe Penta El Zero Meirdo can return to Penatgon Jr? Trent Beretta is abused by Mox and a barbed wire 2x4. Penta pulls Trent out of the ring then with the help of Alex Abrahentes sets up two tables. Mox stops Penta from executing his plan. Trent seems to be the first to get color. Trent superplexed Mox into those tables During commercial break two more tables enter the ring. Penta did an avalanche destroyer thry the table. Mox then speared him into the other table leaned against the corner. Luckily Penta's butt takes the brunt of the damage from the destroyer as Trent has a surgically repaired neck. Mox brings out tacks. Penta suffers a Gotch style piledriver on the tack. Peta also lost his shirt at some point. These three men keep slamming into the thumbtacks. The fans want the three AEW originals to Fight Forever. Trent momentarily wins the slugfest. Mox with a Death Rider. Trent then gives Mox a knee strike and pins Penta. Trent picks up the win. Maybe even stole the win. Mox chokes Trent out after the match as Caudio and Wheeler head towards the ring. Orange and Chuck Taylor cut them off. but the BCC is too violent and takes control. Penta seemingly disappeared. Best Friends stands triumphant in the ring while challenging BCC to a Parking Lot Brawl. Santana and Ortiz aka Proud and Powerful can testify to Best Friends having the advantage there.

Commercial break returns to RVD challenging Jack Perry to a FTW title match.

MJF's promo is back to being about abuse as a child and mental issues. If he truly

has them and has overcame them to be successful awesome. If this is just for rating that is despicable. This if honestly is a great promo. I just know he has did similiar ones and still been a heel making it hard for me to buy into it. The fans are certainly buying into it with their we love scumbag chant. Adam Cole comes out and says he was like MJF being scared and a jerk. MJF give us the main event for All In it will be MJF against Adam Cole for the AEW Heavyweight Title. Adam did not read the contract. I feel like there is still a shoe to fall. Roderick Strong is pissed in the back and throwing a fit like a baby. The Kingdom comforts Strong.

It is hard not to sing along to Journey's Carry on My Wayward Son when it rings out. Double J and Jay Lethal don't have too bad a theme either.

I am not sure maybe someone who reads this can tell us, is this the first time Omega and Jeff Jarrett have shared a ring? They started the match and Jeff took control early. Jeff Jarrett with a Fargo Strut to tag Jay Lethal in. Omega takes back control and The Elite are in control. Nice play when Satnam Singh gets tagged in neither Nick or Kenny want to tag Matt. Satnam really doesn't look smooth. His cross body looked awkward. Matt and Nick are giving us a superkick party for Dynamite 200 something we really havent seen in a while. Kenny gave Satnam a V trigger and was about to give him a One Winged Angel until Sonjay interrupted. The Hardy Bros came out to even up the numbers. BuckShot Lariat out of no where by Page. Lethal takes the One Winged Angel for the loss. The Elite is wins. Kenny ends their segment with his signature ending. He must bid you a good night and an adue bang.

Mogul Embassy leaves Nick Wayne in a bloody mess in a pretaped segment.

Aussie Open against Vikingo and Komander is set to be an awesome match. Unfortunately, I really don't see them losing the titles so soon. Both teams do have matching gear. Not sure if it is these men are all fast paced guys or what but this match is feeling rushed. Aussie Open is seeming to keep the advantage. That kick to the back of the knees looks cool as it stopped Kyle Fletcher. Mark Davis caught Komander on a dive and Aussie Open rammed their opponents into each other. Komander using Davis to jump and do a destroyer on Fletcher was awesome. Excalibur wrongfully calls Davis Fletcher as Vikingo and Komander both jump off the top rope onto him. The Coriolis for the win. Aussie Open retain the titles.

The ladies finishing off the night is awesome especially since Saraya tweet recently that the roster is big enough they should have a least two matches at All In. Hopefully, that is set up here. Toni Storm did not sell those punches very well when the camera was in her face in my opinion. This isn't a bad match besides the seemingly lack of selling. Just not much to commentate about at this stage of the match. A fair match for the most part. Yes Soho did interfere but that is expected from a group of heels. Shida gets a near fall with her Falcon Arrow. Saraya slides in the kendo stick. shida threatens to use it on Storm. Instead she hits Soho. Storm sprays Shida then hits a storm zero for a close fall. New Woman's Champion Hikaru Shida with a suprise victory.

Something big like that happening is not a shocker. Giving Shida a run with the title in front of fans is fitting. Overall good show.


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