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Drew McIntyre has weighed in on the developments to the potential WWE WrestleMania 40 story for Cody Rhodes with The Rock & Roman Reigns.

Continuing his absolutely savage response to the misfortunes of others, WWE’s recent Schadenfreude master Drew McIntyre has continued his villainous social media behavior.

After Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson appeared on WWE SmackDown, seemingly endorsed by Cody Rhodes as the American Nightmare left the ring to defer to The Rock facing off against Roman Reigns, there were strong reactions from all around the wrestling world.

And now, Drew McIntyre has waded into the conversation, dropping simply a sarcastic gif.

Posting the classic Cody Rhodes clip cupping his ear as a camera quickly approaches him, McIntyre seemed to revel in a least a little enjoyment out of the apparent storyline swerve misfortune of Rhodes.

It remains to be seen what Cody Rhodes will want to talk about when WWE Raw kicks off Monday, February 5, 2024 from St. Louis, Missouri.

Drew McIntyre continues his heelish ways on WWE Raw, recently having greeted the returning Sami Zayn with a low blow before hitting him with a Claymore to pick up a less than morally righteous victory.

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