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Welcome guys to this weeks Holiday Bash edition of Rampage. Four matches and two title matches. Let's get things started.


Cassidy and Romero circle and lock up, Orange backed into the ropes. Rocky teases hitting Orange but rolls back and mocks him. Lockup again, Orange with a judo toss and they go into the ropes, Rocky lands in the ropes and Orange mocks him but gets chopped. Orange winds up  for the pockets and goes into the ropes for a front dropkick but Rocky counters with a rana that sends Orange to the outside. Rocky hits the suicide dive and lands. 

Orange in the corner, Rocky charges in for a series of clotheslines, but Orange comes out on a third attempt and rolls him up for two. Rocky with a backbreaker immediately after. Rocky with an uppercut in the corner, whip across the ring and Orange comes out into a sidewalk slam for two. 

Romero sends Orange into the corner and then into the other corner, back and forth. Orange comes out into a tilt-a-whirl DDT, Rocky to the outside and Orange dives onto him. He rolls Rocky in and goes up top and lands with the high crossbody. He comes off the ropes and goes for the DDT, but Rocky counters with a suplex and then hangs him over the top rope. Rocky up for the diving kneedrop but Orange moves. Rocky with a shoulder to the gut, he goes to suplex Orange but he blocks it and pulls Rocky to the outside. Rocky with a snap suplex onto the apron. 

Both men slow to rise but Orange is up first. He does the Orange Kicks to Rocky’s shoulder, but they pick up in intensity followed by a running punt. Cassidy preps for the Orange Punch, but Rocky with a knee and standing Sliced Bread for two. 

Rocky grabs Cassidy but Orange rolls him up for two. Rocky tries the same but Orange sits down for a two-count. Orange with a kick to the face, he goes up top but Rocky counters the diving DDT with a knee. Rocky with a DDT of his own, and then hits Strong Zero for a nearfall. 

Rocky up now and goes for Sliced Bread, but Cassidy counters and hits the Orange Punch followed by beach break and this one is all over. 

Here is your winner: Orange Cassidy 

Great opening match, can tell these two guys know each other very well and work incredibly well together. However once again we knew Cassidy was never losing this one and it was never really in jeopardy at all in this match. Ive said it already and I will continue to say it – we need a serious challenger for Cassidy – swerve anyone?  


Matt Hardy and Taven starting off tonight, and Matt decks Taven before laying into him with shoulder drives in the corner. He batters Taven and sends him into the ropes for a back bodydrop, then hits a forearm strike and tags in Jeff. Taven slingshotted into the bottom rope and Jeff drops a leg on him on the apron, then covers for two. Matt tags back in, whip into the ropes for a double shot and senton, cover gets two. 

Taven sent into the corner but puts the breaks on, enzuigiri and Bennett tags in for a series of strikes to Matt’s head. He goes for a Twist of Fate but Matt blocks it and tags in Jeff, Whisper in the Wind onto Bennett. Russian legsweep and Jeff’s shirt comes off, he goes to the top but Taven comes over. Jeff knocks Taven off the apron but Mike trips him up as we go to PIP break. 

We’re back with Jeff in trouble, but he knocks Bennett to the apron where Matt gives him a Side Effect. Jeff escapes Taven and tags in Matt, who lays in the fists to Taven and slams him into the turnbuckles in the corner several times. He yanks Taven into a powerbomb for two. Taven back up and gets caught with a Side Effect for a nearfall. 

Matt preps for the Twist of Fate, Bennett in but Matt hits the move on him. Taven goes to the outside and Matt follows, beating him around the ringside area. Jeff has his boot off and is beating Mike Bennett with it. Matt sends Mike into the steps and slams him headfirst into them. He grabs a chair but the ref pulls it away. 

Matt and Taven into the ring, Taven rolls Matt up for three and this one is over. 

Here is your Winner: The Kingdom

We all know my love for The Kingdom and im pleased they got the win but what is the plan with Matt and Jeff. One of the best tag teams of all time and they have just become jobbers. No one wants to see that. They have said themselves they are unhappy with their booking and I have to agree with them, being wasted at the moment. 


Aminata and Skye go face to face, and it quickly turns to trading strikes. They lay them in hard, Sky takes over and knocks Aminata down, then comes off the ropes into a shot. Aminata goes for an Air Raid Crash but Skye counters into a roll-up. Aminata gets one of her own, and then lays Skye out. Aminata off the ropes but Skye catches her in the ropes, they end up on the apron and Skye drives Aminata face-first into the apron. 

Skye sends Aminata into the guardrail, then tosses her back in the ring. Blue in and covers for two. Skye shoves Aminata, who fights back to her feet. Blue charges into a boot and a German suplex. She backs up and charges in for the hip attack. Off the ropes for a running boot to the downed Skye. She pulls Blue out of the corner for two. 

Stomp to the stomach of Skye, then Aminata goes for a jump moonsault but Skye avoids it and nails a couple of kicks. Aminata on Skye’s shoulder, TKO into a Dragon Sleeper and Aminata taps. 

Here is your Winner: Skye Blue

This was a squash match that was given a bit of extra time. Love Skye Blue and love her new edgier side. Can't wait to finally see her team with Julia Hart tomorrow night. If they lose we riot!


Lockup to start but Vikingo ducks under for a waistlock. Taurus catches him and goes for a powerbomb but Viking rolls through for a sunset flip that gets two. Back up, waistlock by Vikingo reversed, Vikingo turns it into a headlock and gets shot into the ropes, and Taurus knocks him down. Quick armdrag and rana, Taurus counters with a rana and they go faster than I can fucking type but it ends with a pin attempt for two from Taurus. 

They’re back up, Taurus charges into a shot, into the ropes, Taurus rolls over Vikingo and hits a series of strikes, then snaps the necks and sends him into the ropes for a pop up Samoan drop, cover gets a nearfall as we go to PIP break. 

We’re back as Vikingo hits a springboard dropkick, Taurus shrugs it off. Vikingo does for a poison rana but Taurus catches him and pushes him off. Taurus charges for a high knee in the corner, the champ moves and Taurus goes to the outside! Vikingo dives to the outside but Taurus dodges and goes into the ring for a spinning dive through the ropes! 


Vikingo is able to send Taurus into the ringpost and hits a spinning kick to Taurus from the apron, he goes to dive out of the ring and Taurus catches him — but Vikingo manages to go over and pick Taurus up for a slam on the outside! Vikingo up on the top rope, he hits a Sky Twister Press on Taurus on the floor.

Vikingo rolls Taurus in and goes up top, but the challenger rolls out of the way. Vikingo lies in wait, Taurus charges right into a boot and Vikingo back up top — he leaps and hits the poison rana! Crucifix Bomb, but Taurus comes back with a gore! 

Both men down in the ring, Taurus is up first and lies in wait. Vikingo up in the corner, Taurus charges but is sent up and over. Taurus nails Vikingo and pulls him up to the top — he picks Viking up for a GORILLA PRESS SLAM off the top. That was incredible. How bloody strong is Taurus. Cover gets a 2.

Taurus sends Vikingo into the ropes, he picks him up onto his shoulders for a backbreaker, then a shoulderbreaker and lariat but Vikingo kicks out. Taurus up now and grabs Vikingo, but Vikingo falls down. Taurus picks him up, Vikingo with a jawbreaker and a superkick! Off the ropes, he counters a powerbomb with a sunset flip powerbomb! Double knees strike sends both men to the outside! 

Vikingo rolls Taurus in, he charges but is caught for an Alabama Slam, but Vikingo counters! The kneepads are down, charging double knee strike, Vikingo up top for a 630 and this one is all over. 

Here is your Winner: El Hijo del Vikingo

These two guys just put on a masterclass. How incredible are both these guys. Think the crowd chanted this is awesome for about 5 minutes straight. Everytime I see Vikingo I'm more and more impressed. And Taurus has incredible strength. Just great. Absolutely great. What a main event.

Good show this week on rampage. Highlighted by an incredible main event.

See you tomorrow for Collision.


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