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Deonna Purrazzo Has Officially Signed with AEW and Makes Big Debut on Dynamite

AEW started off strong in 2024 with an action-packed episode of Dynamite. Fans who tuned in were in for a surprise as a popular wrestler from Impact Wrestling made their debut. This year is expected to be significant for free agents in the wrestling industry, and one of those free agents has now joined AEW.

That free agent is Deonna Purrazzo, a former Knockouts Champion. During Mariah May's first in-ring appearance, Purrazzo interrupted to let Toni Storm know that she will be coming after her. Purrazzo also announced that she is now officially a part of All Elite Wrestling. Despite May's attack, Purrazzo managed to send her out of the ring.

After entering the ring, Purrazzo addressed someone named Renee and revealed that she is from New Jersey.

She expressed that if Toni Storm doesn't want to be in AEW, then nobody wants her there either. Purrazzo instructed Mariah to pass along a message to Miss Storm, stating that it doesn't matter where she tries to hide or run, Purrazzo will find her. She emphasized that she is now part of All Elite Wrestling and proclaimed that this is the era of the Virtuosa.

While she might be in AEW now, Purrazzo is incredibly appreciative of her time in Impact and says that her three years in the company really changed the trajectory ion her career and people's perception of her.

"The only thing I can say is, I feel validated, and I feel like the work that I've been able to put in at IMPACT has really changed the entire trajectory of my career and the perception of me," Purrazzo said. "Going into IMPACT, I had, I think my time in NXT deemed me a little bit difficult, a little bit outspoken, a little bit maybe cocky or overconfident, and I think that I've been able to rehab that image of myself and show able to show people like, no, I'm a team player," Purrazzo said.

Welcome to AEW Deonna!

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