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DAY 2 - Top takeaways from For The Love Of Wrestling - PROGRESS EDITION!

3. Tate "The Thief" Mayfairs is on the hunt for championship gold and he will go to any lengths to obtain it!

As our resident Scotsman Craig marked out for the 8406837th time of the weekend on his approach to the Progress Zone, he was blindsided by a "hungry for gold" Tate Mayfairs. Luckily though Craig had been drinking Irn Bru all weekend so Tates snatch and grab tactics were thwarted!!

2. Bryan Danielson takes a sip....

Even across the other side of the world Bryan Danielson love his cold brew! Well who else would be able to serve this craving?

None other than Mr Lee McAteer! Could the relationship be building and we see a Ricky Knight Jr vs Bryan Danielson in the worlds first Cold Brew on a pole match for the Atlas Championship? (This is why Lee does the booking and not us 🤣)

We have already seen the seeds planted for a Adam Cole and Spike Trivet slugfest, so why not keep those juices flowing with the technician of the BCC!

1. The chop heard around the arena!

No explaination. Just click play on the video 🤣

We would like to also take this time to thank Emma Kleek and the entire Monopoly Events team for always being on hand and going above and beyond to help us and all of the other traders at the event and for the painstaking work they put in to making FOR THE LOVE OF WRESTLING happen year on year!

We cannot wait to start planning for next year and many other Monopoly Events in yhebnot so distant future!


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