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Dave Meltzer Accused of Falsifying Information

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

As broke on Wrestlinginc. allegations of Dave Meltzer producing articles based of false information has emerged. Dave Meltzer has a rich history in the world of wreslting news dating back to 1983. For many he is even considered the ultimate authority on wrestling news and history. He is the primary person repsonable for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The podcast "Open the Voice Gate" released an entire episode debunking various "news" articles that Dave has written in his newsletter dating back to May of 2022. As stated by WrestleInc "Meltzer had been taken in by a hoaxer claiming to be then-Dragongate wrestler Kaito Ishida." They further go on to cite how Meltzer inaccuratly reported on rape allegations against Matt Riddle. Dave wrote that he incident happened on a Thursday at a taping for NXT but NXT tapings happened on Wednesdays in 2019.


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