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Darren Drozdov, former WWE star, has passed away

We regret to announce the passing of 54-year-old former WWE superstar Darren Drozdov. In 1998, Drozdov, also referred to in WWE as just Droz, served as a temporary member of the new Legion of Doom as a potential long-term replacement for Road Warrior Hawk, who was going through personal difficulties at the time.

Droz made his debut in 1998 and spent the majority of his time in the mid-card until joining the Legion of Doom tag team. Following the conclusion of that run, he briefly resumed his career as a singles performer until being teamed with Matt Bloom (Prince Albert, A-Train).

The legendary "Beyond The Mat" sequence where Droz was shown throwing up on demand in Vince McMahon's office may be well-remembered by many fans. When he was included in the Legion of Doom plot, McMahon found that amusing, which is where the nickname "Puke" originated.

Droz was rendered paralysed during a SmackDown TV taping in October 1999 after taking a running powerbomb from D'Lo Brown. TV never aired the match. The truth is that it was a freak accident, and Droz has stated in interviews that he never held D'Lo responsible for what occurred, despite what D'Lo has claimed in interviews.

Droz would spend the remainder of his life in a wheelchair, and WWE kept him on staff for many years while he made a few convention appearances. He appeared to be planning a get-together with D'Lo at an Atlantic City signing at one time in 2018. We offer the friends and family of Droz our sincere sympathies.


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