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Corey Graves Discusses Relationship With WWE Colleagues Michael Cole And Pat McAfee

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Corey Graves has spoken about his experience of working with his fellow WWE announcers Michael Cole and Pat McAfee.

Corey Graves became a WWE commentator after joining the commentary desk after his in-ring retirement in 2014. On a recent appearance on the podcast "Short and to the Point," Corey Graves had high praise for Michael Cole and said that he is now one of his closest friends.

"Cole and I, our relationship has developed so long over all these years. It was him who suggested that I give commentary a shot way back when," he said. "Had he not given me that opportunity, god knows where I'd be. But I got to learn from him as a boss first, and as I watched him and took notes mentally and absorbed all this great stuff via osmosis from the greatest to ever do it, in my opinion." 

Similarly, Corey Graves spoke highly of former NFL superstar Pat McAfee and detailed why he enjoys sharing the commentary desk with him.

"McAfee's a trip, man. McAfee is a wild card; he is as advertised. The guy you see on your TV screen for like 13 hours a day now, I believe he's actually on television and YouTube, the guy doesn't rest. God bless him," said Corey Graves. "I've historically preferred a two-man booth to three, but having Pat as the third is fun for me particularly because he's quick and it's nice to have somebody who I can spar with and it's nice to have somebody that I can make a joke to who very likely will fire a joke back or at least react in a way that's entertaining."

Thank you to "Short and to the Point" for the transcription.

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