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Cody Rhodes Plans For Smackdown Season Premier Revaled

Cody Rhodes took to Twitter make an exciting announcement for Tonights edition of WWE SmackDown.

For the ‘season premiere’ of the show, Cody proposed an ‘open challenge’ on Twitter, tagging his tag team co-champ Jey with an inquiry.

Cody wrote:

This week, a great RAW, a historic NXT…And no better way to close out the week than with a visit for the season premiere of #Smackdown

Open challenge…

hat say you @WWEUsos?

To which Jey replied:

“GahDam YEEET!!! -jey”

It looks like Cody Rhodes is set to play triple duty this week on WWE programming, appearing on WWE Raw, WWE NXT and now set for WWE SmackDown.

The open challenge is sure to be an intriguing one as the night already boasts a series of other enticing reasons for viewers to tune into the ‘season premiere’.

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