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Cody Rhodes Donates Incredible Gift To International Promotion SGW

Cody Rhodes has gifted something big to SGW.

Soft Ground Wrestling is a promotion based in Uganda that sees wrestlers take part in matches on the ground with a “ring” constructed out of wooden poles and thin rope.

The promotion has gained a substantial following from fans all around the world and has also seen former WWE superstars Mace and Mansoor travel to Uganda to make an appearance. Cody Rhodes, who is also a major fan of SGW, wants to help the performers take things to the next level.

Appearing in a video on Soft Ground Wrestling’s social media channel, Cody Rhodes began by stating how impressed he has been with the upstart promotion:

“Hello, this is The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. I just wanted to send a quick message to my friends at SGW, Soft Ground Wrestling in Uganda. We’ve all been watching what you guys have been doing lately. I’ve talked to a few friends about how the experience is down there, it’s incredibly impressive and it’s wonderful to see your love at SGW for pro wrestling and sports entertainment. Of course, some shout-outs are due, Bumbash, Jordan, Cool Man, Pamela, One Man Army, I love everything that you guys are doing.”

Continuing, The American Nightmare noted that the promotion needed an actual wrestling ring so he has paid for a business in Uganda to construct one which will be donated to SGW free of charge:

“It’s not lost on me that with the world as divided as it may be, social issues, climate issues, political issues, whatever it may be. One thing we can universally bond on is our love for pro wrestling. With that said, you guys need a proper wrestling ring. You need one for your stories and to be able to do what you do, you gotta be welcomed into the wrestling business in the right way, you need a proper ring. We have found someone in Uganda who can make it for you.

It’s not coming over on a boat, it’s not gonna get broken and we’re gonna get it done. When it gets done, send the bill to me, it is on me, my gift to you. The wrestling business has given me everything in my life that I could dream of and I would like to give something back to you guys and welcome you officially into this big, wide world of pro wrestling, I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Enjoy it.”

Cody Rhodes has given out gifts to wrestling fans on numerous occasions including autographed merchandise and tickets to WrestleMania.

Cody Rhodes Addresses Another Gift He Donated

Main eventing both nights of WrestleMania 40, Cody Rhodes saw heartbreak turn into triumph as he was defeated on night one but overcame all the odds the next night to defeat Roman Reigns and become the new Undisputed Champion. The next night on Raw, Cody Rhodes was given a mystery item by The Rock, which The American Nightmare hinted could be the return of a gift he gave The Final Boss.

Photo Credit: WWE

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