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Chris Sabin Celebrates 20-Years in IMPACT Wrestling

Chris Sabin, one of the most decorated stars in IMPACT Wrestling history, celebrates the 20th anniversary of his first-ever match in company history.

On April 9, 2003, Sabin teamed with Johnny Storm for a multi-team match – against Jerry Lynn and Amazing Red, Jason Cross and Shark Boy, and Triple X.

Sabin admits, decades later, that the match was “surreal,” and he was “nervous, yet excited.”

His team ultimately lost, but Sabin’s career in IMPACT Wrestling has been Hall of Fame worthy. Just consider:

Was the IMPACT World Champion in 2013.

Is a 3-time IMPACT World Tag Team Champion as half of the Motor City Machine Guns with Alex Shelley.

Is a record 8-time X-Division Champion, and his combined 432-days as X-Division Champion also is the most-ever.

Was the sixth IMPACT Triple Crown Champion.

Is a 5-time IMPACT Year-End Award-winner, including Match of the Year, Moment of the Year and Men’s Tag Team of the Year.

“When I reflect on starting with TNA/IMPACT 20 years ago, it brings gratitude,” Sabin said. “This company has allowed me to make a living pursuing my passion and for many years has given me a platform for self-expression. This company has believed in me enough to always want me around, and though there were a few years between 2014-2019 I explored pro wrestling (in) other places, I was able to return home and continue the journey.

“I’m very proud of my time with TNA/IMPACT, as it has given me an opportunity to inspire others. Hearing and seeing how I have influenced other wrestlers throughout the years I see as a gift.”

Sabin said his memories from year one include road-tripping from Detroit to Nashville with Scott D’Amore and Zach Gowen for his first match and, naturally, winning the X Division Championship for the first time – on May 14, 2003. “With it being my third match with TNA, I remember feeling pressure to step up and prove to the company that I was deserving of such an accomplishment,” he said.

At the time, Sabin also worked as a sandwich artist at a local Subway. He soon quit the popular restaurant chain to focus on wrestling.